How can I avoid becoming homeless?

I am very broke and about to probably become homeless with me and my two kids and i want to know a money spell that can make me come into money really soon probably in a week or so! Please help me. Thank you

Merry Meet, Seeker!

This is a dreadful situation and I am sorry that you are facing such hardship right now! I am going to offer you a spell to help you improve your circumstances, but over and above that there are some practical things you will need to do as well.

So, first the spell:

Finance Improvement Spell


1 small container filled with soft soil

1 black candle

1 white candle

1 green candle

14 coins


  1. Place all the ingredients on your altar.
  2. Cast your circle, as you usually would.
  3. Light the black candle, saying: “From darkness to darkness, negativity go! Make room for good fortune in my life to grow!”
  4. Visualize negativity being drawn into the flame of the black candle and the flame destroying it upon contact.
  5. Light the white candle, saying: ”Bring light to darkness, for darkness to go. As light grows brighter, good fortune will grow.”
  6. Visualize light filling your heart, your soul and your mind, driving away any dark feelings and especially worries.
  7. Light the green candle, saying: “Employment and shelter is what I request, I will do my part, and magick the rest.”
  8. Visualize going to a place of employment and being offered a job. Also visualize living in a secure place and being able to cope.
  9. Hold your hands over the fertile soil.  Push a coin into the soil, saying: “What I sow, so I will reap. I need a job, a job to keep. Money enough to keep us well, supporting my wish, this magickal spell.”
  10. Repeat this spell every day for 14 days.

Start looking for a job immediately and make an arrangement with your landlord or landlady around paying the rent and catching up on the arrears.

Blessings to you and your children, my dear. Have faith! May the Lady and Lord keep you safe.  

Blessed Be!

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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  1. John Smith says:

    Hi Rose
    I have a very good friend who is a medium and a good one at that. Since i have known him he has shown and taught me many things about spirit, Because he can draw spirits into his body i have had many chats with my deseased father and my spirit guides come through all the time. My one guide is a sioux medicine man called mountain water and its great learning so much about the way they lived and the way they live now in spirit and he calls me his white son, i have even spoken and sat doing a pow wow with geronimo and its all great. But this is not what i wanted to speak to you about.
    Its my friend all the time i have known him he has welcomed many people into his home whether they be slovakian, polish and even portugues, he puts them up in lodgings, he feeds them, he has even gave them money to help them out yet he has never asked for anything in return. I know from spirit that he is struggling finacially even though he has a job. The money is not good and if i could help him out with some money i would but i dont have much to offer so i was wondering if there was a spell i could do to help him finacially because i hate seeing him like this because he is the most generous person i have ever met. He does clairvoyance and he earns a little bit from this but just after the new year has always been slow for him. A little while ago i let my feelings known to the spirit world that they should do more to help him because he has done so much for them in the past { they understand what i mean} so i wont say any more on the subject, anyway they did encourage more people to go to him but that has now died down but it seems what ever money he recieves in one hand, it is taken from the other and his financise dont get any better.
    So could you please me to help him.
    love and light

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