How can I avoid looking sad?

Hi Rose My name is Paula, i have most of the things a person would love to have, a living partner and a loving son, and a good job, but even my partner says that i look very unhappy, and i have noticed that, i dont know if is because i have become envious , which i wasnt before or is it because am surrend by envy of other people, as everyone keep saying you have a good job, a loveling son and partner, i even have tried to study sometimes i want to but dont have the energy to do it, i feel that my energy is very low, keeping on fighting with this feelings but it looks that they are wining , would like to have a spell that could help me, i am one of the person that thinks that everything happens for a reason, i encounteryou today is a big reason. would apreciate if you could hep me.

Merry meet Paula,
I am happy to hear from you that you have a wonderful life. However, you may have some infection or other condition that is making your energy very low. Why not have a complete checkup to rule out depression, lack of certain vitamins in the body such as Vitamin D which makes us very tired. Just a simple blood test will tell you if you need any medicines for this condition.
If you have ruled out all of the above conditions, do this spell to remove any “Evil eye” that may have been put on you by jealous people.
Cowrie shell Spell
Cowrie shells are very powerful and create beneficial energy wherever they are. One cowrie shell is enough to provide energy for an entire room. They are believed to be powered by the Goddess, Archangel as well as the Sea
For this spell, you will need some cowrie shells with holes which are very easy to find in seaside markets. You will also need a red cord to string them.
Step 1: Get a few cowrie shell (your favorite number)
Step 2: String the cowrie shells onto the red cord, charging each of the shells with you power to prevent any harm.
Step 3: Tie each cowrie shell while you knot your intention as you move to the next shell
Step 4: When the necklace is complete, wear it on your neck to repel the Evil eye.
Step 5: Remove the necklace and cleanse it often.
Brightest Blessings.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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  1. Monica says:

    Can the Evil eye spell be used for kids & can it be worn any where else instead of neck & for how long is it to be worn

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