How can I avoid the three-fold return of our actions?

Ive been practicing the craft for about 4yrs now. I done some spells that were wrong for me to do(and they worked)i know about karma and believe in “what you do comes back 3fold” and it has from last year(my house being broke into)to now where im unemployed.Ive been staying away from doing spells even though i know some of them could help certain people in my life.I want to get back in the practice but i am afraid to because every spell affects the way the universe works.I want to start over and do things right for me and others,can you help me to do this?There is alot of negativity aroound me.

I am glad that you realize now that the three-fold return rule is not imaginary, it is very very real! This is the way the Universe works. Those who are aware of this and live by following it are usually the ones blessed by every joy in life. Even negative thoughts can lead to negative consequences. So it is best to think of your past as water under the bridge and think of how you can turn your life around in the future. If you worked on spells that have hurt others, you have the option to work healing spells on these folks. So your first goal is to undo the remaining damage to all the people you have hurt. You may do this by doing benevolent deeds for the families. Some examples are given below: 1.. Leave money in an envelope in their mailbox 2. Try buying items they need and drop them off anonymously. 3. Work a spell for them so that they will get healed completely of all damage inflicted by you. 4. Write them letters anonymously about what you did that was so hurtful and ask their forgiveness. If you do not want to do that in person, you may get their pictures (or charge candles or make poppets) and work on a spell to make their lives happier. 5. Give money to charity in their names You can also write down your feelings and hopes on a piece of paper and add your apologies to all the people you hurt along with promises to help them if opportunity presents itself. Now burn the paper and let the Universe take care of it. To avoid negative karma, always add the line “Only if none be harmed” to your spell or chant. And mean it with all your heart! Mediate daily on the goodness in the world and how you can change your life to one of joy by slowly erasing what happened and forgiving yourself. Accept that you are now a changed person and that you have learned the most important lesson in the world. Hope this helps answer your question. Brightest Blessings. Rose

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