How can I avoid verbal and emotional abuse?

Hi Rose Ariadne! I’ve read your newsletters but in the enviroment I live in it’s impossible to try any spell. I have 0 privacy, I don’t have even my own room where I wouldn’t be disturbed. Can you please recommend something that suits my conditions and that works? I’m in a very bad situation where I’m surrounded by energy vampires and I constantly suffer from verbal and emotional abuse, bad and unfair treatment, I’m unable to help myself or at least protect myself from negativity. The only person in my whole life who ever truly cared about me, loved me and wanted to save me, and meant the world to me, suddenly changed, became selfish and cold and now never cares and sevred all ties with me. I stopped meeting new people as I’m afraid to trust anyone. I’d appreciate any advice. Best regards

Merry Meet Seeker, You seem to be in a very unfortunate situation indeed. However, I am not sure how everyone around you can behave in the same, selfish manner. Is there any central reason why people are anxious, angry or unfair? Is there emotional abuse happening in your home? In life, there are always people who are willing to help. However, we have to open our hearts to others and be willing to forgive even if we see others making mistakes and hurting us. Some cultures believe that each of us is the same entity, who isexperiencing different lives in different spaces. Let us think of one person in your household. They may have reasons for how they think or what they do. Their life lessons make them that way. Sometimes we cannot understand what others suffer through because we cannot “get” into their minds. So our best bet is to forgive and forget and behave as though they are ALL our best friends and loyal buddies. Show them the way to behave even when they misbehave. That is the only way our life will turn around too. When others see that we cannot be hurt by their words or actions, they begin to get inspired by us. The more loving we are the better we look to others. You had mentioned that there was someone who was on your side and cared for you. If they have changed and do not want to do anything with you, can you find the reason why that has happened? Can you ask them to forgive you and promise them that you will be forever indebted to them for the love that they offered you when you were lonely and afraid? See, we all receive what we give. Life is as simple as that. When we donate money, we win a lottery. When we shower love on others, we get showered by more love, and so on. Our goal in life should be one of giving and less of receiving. Whenever we feel that we are not loved, we have to go out and give more love to people we don’t even know – unconditional love. Give food to a hungry man, help a blind person cross the road, save an abused dog from bullies; we can do so much for the world. However, I assure you, for each action you do, you will be blessed many more times by the Universe. Life is that simple. Brightest Blessings Rose.

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