How can I be a better student?

hi i’m nidnoi one girl from thailand. i want to study at triamudom suksa school the best school in my country , but now i feel reallly sad and upset of my self first time i really not to study at traimudomsuksa school i want to study at mahidolwittayanusorn school but i fail the test so now i really lose my faith in believ in my self that i can do how to make my heart become stronger and catch my dream and become one of grade 10 student at triamudom suksa school please help me!!!

Merry Meet Nidnoi,
It is wonderful to hear from you, Nidnoi that you are in beautiful Thailand. Yes, I can understand how devastating it is to not get admission to a school that you like so much. However, there are many children I know who had failed to get into good schools and who decided to study hard so that they will be accepted the very next year.
So all you wil need to do is to study very hard this time. Every morning, wake up an hour early. The early morning hours are the best to study. Then whatever you learn will be imprinted in your mind forever. All of the students who went to that school must be hard workers. If you are willing to work hard, then you will certainly get into the school. Be like the students in Japan and India. They wake up at 4AM and sit down to do their homework or read through their notes or text books because that is the time when our brains work best.
Too much sleep hurts people. So you have to force yourself to get up that early and sit down to study the books. If you have problems understanding what is taught at school, you need to find a good tuition teacher who can help you catch up with other students in your class quickly. You may also find ways or memory tricks to remember what you have learned so far.
Do not let yourself be unhappy because you have negative thoughts about your ability. Just remember that all the students are like you and the only way they get ahead is by trying very hard. If you feel sleepy, drink a cup of coffee and you may be able to study a little more. Also, discuss all of your questions from class with your friends so that you all will benefit from the round table discussion.
If you are very shy, you have to find ways to make friends. You don’t need too many friends, but your friends need to be studious and helpful to you. If you spend your time listening to music, reading other novels, etc, you may be on the wrong path. So pay attention to what you do on each day and find out ways to make time to study. If you are really sincere about being a better student, you will succeed!
Brightest Blessings Nidnoi

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