How can I be happy?

I’m by myself,have nobody, I got a divorce from my 16y husband,last year,He goes to Brazil every year for 5 months,and come back to my house like a roomate.During the time he’s out of country,I have no money for food or anything.I spend christmas,new year alone.My christmas diner is a hot dog or a package of soup.When I’ll going to be happy in this life?I’m wake up every morning thinking today is going to be better,but nothing change.YOU THINK one day I’ll going to find somebody to care about me.I want to be happy for a change.I work so hard 2 jobs,I need the godess to look at me,to help me,to tell me something,please tell me if my future is going to be better.I realy need help,I’m ready to give up.Blessed be.

Merry Meet Seeker,
I cannot imagine the pain you are going through. Yes, some marriages are not worth keeping. I am sure you tried everything that you knew to make a good home for the both of you. Often traveling to a foreign land is not a good thing for marriage. There are many people who believe that so long as the wife knows nothing, they are okay. Little do they know that the promise he made to you during marriage, which is worth nothing for you now, cannot be put back together again.
So it is time for you to think for yourself. Yes, one of these days, you will be happy again. Believe me, many people have gone through worse and enjoyed more joy that they ever expected to enjoy. Keep your faith in yourself. Know that these are just trials that many of us have to go through. Without worrying about why you suffer, look forward to the days when you will have a beautiful family and all the wonderful things you wish to have in your loving home.
The key is to keep your eyes on the goal. What are your goals? Every human being has hopes and dreams. However, to make your goals possible, you have to do some work. First, take a vow to be kind to yourself regardless of what happened in the past. One man’s behavior does not define you. You are a young person capable of a lot of love and you can easily find a wonderful husband. However, take your time and plan everything well.
The key is to visualize your future in vivid colors, the way you want to see it now. Remove all negative thoughts from your mind and focus on the plan you have in your mind. A beautiful house with a loving husband and wonderful children, good neighbors, prosperity and joy – these are some plans that can work for you.
You have to believe that your future is wonderful! Yes, and you have to visualize that again and again refusing to let yourself down. One day, you will find yourself living that dream.
Brightest Blessings

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