How can I become a Devil Worshipper?

how can i become a devil worshiper

You are on the wrong site. Witches believe in good and evil, but not in demons and devils. The concept of devil worship requires the belief in a supremely good being and a supremely evil being, not the beings of nature and balance that we as witches believe in.

If you are looking for the ability to worship Satan or the devil or some other form of evil, I suggest you look to the Church of Satan website.

I find your question here to be either based in stupidity or an attempt to embarrass witches and what we do believe in. Either way this question is insulting and arrogant.

If you do want to worship an evil diety, then there are many to choose from in a hundred different religions. We do not abide evil here and we do not spend time with devil worshippers.

You have no right to invade this site of Light and Beauty with Darkness. Be gone from it and never return. Your desire to harm the people who come here with genuine love in their hearts and seeking goodness is evil and has no place here. You are not welcome here.

If your question is borne out of simple ignorance, know that we wish you no harm, but we do not tolerate evil here. I stand by the Wiccan Rede. Do what you will so long as it harm none. What you wish harms many, beginning with yourself.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

16 Responses to “How can I become a Devil Worshipper?”

  1. Hoai-Duc says:

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  4. Christina says:

    This is such a stupid question! God is the path all of us should follow. No evil work should be here. Only light, love, and the correct paths.

  5. vad says:

    Why? Just to have more on earth. God can give you everlasting live,He can even give you whatever you want from Satan. So why go to Satan just to get it faster. Satan just want you in hell with him. Do you want go some where 10 times hotter then sun? Think about it.

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