How can I break a black magic spell on my wife?

there is a master in black magic who has placed some spells on my wife to break up our marriage. He also had buried our wedding opic torn in half with black roses, He buried them in a cemetary. This master also summoned the demon sameul to control my wife. My question is what do I or what can I do? I have just started studying witchcraft and I have no real power as of yet Do you know any witches that can help me My income is limited. this master goes by the name manos Scott

The most important thing to combat this man’s black magic is your love for your wife and her love for you.  If she is aware of what he has done, then enlist her help to fight him. If she is not aware, then you will have to do things without her help. Remember, you cannot cast on her without her permission, but that doesn’t mean you can’t cast around her.

Start by casting a purification ritual on your home. There are many very simple spells that even a beginning witch can cast themselves. You will need a sage smudgestick and table salt and a new broom. You will sprinkle the salt around your home while casting the purification spell and then sweep it and all the bad energy away, literally sweeping it out the door, if you can. You should use the smudge stick at the same time to use the purification of the sage to clear the air in your home.

Immediately after this is done, you will want to cast a circle and ground yourself. Then, cast a protection over your home to prevent his evil from entering it. If there is something trying to control your wife, it will not be able to do so when in the protective magics on your home.

It is also a good idea to make several protection satchels, little bundles of herbs, that you can give to your wife to carry with her at all times. If she will carry the satchel, it will help protect her against whatever evils tries to assault her. To make a satchel, combine fresh sage and lavendar in a small piece of cloth. As you tie up the satchel with the string, ask the Lord and Lady to watch over you wife and keep her safe in their love and yours.

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  1. Yes there is spells to break this and protect you as well. I would be happy to help you .

  2. Geetha says:


    I am 32 yrs old , Its been told that some one has done black magic to stop my marriage . Pls advice since I am not getting any proposal even coming from past many years inspite of hard search .

  3. misba says:

    How to break the spell whcih has taken away my job and making me poor.

  4. noname says:

    Hi Usha,
    I am in the same boat as well. My mil cast a spell on my husband to separate us. Now he is filing for a divorce. Inspite of me trying varies things to work our marriage and keep my family to together my husband refuses to hear or co-operate. I dont know what else to do. Is there any way to reverse the spell without my husbands knowledge? My husband refuses that he is not a victim of spell.

  5. berty says:


    me too i have the same problem…i dunno who has cast the spell…but there is much distance between me and my husband…it has been told that the spell is for me to leave my husband :(…
    please help me…
    i get loads of problems with my inlaws…and my husband doesnt listen to me at all…
    he sides only his parents and friends

  6. zilan tan says:

    email me, i give unumber of a master

  7. zilan tan says:

    email me [email protected], share my experience with u and talk wad i had came across

  8. Jessica says:

    I need to find help for my sister. The grandmother of the guy she is seeing has been practicing black magic for many years and uses it to keep women from leaving her boys no matter how abused they are. My sister is now pregnant and this woman is using her magic to keep my sister from anyone other than her grandson and herself. All I want is to break her spell so I can get my sister somewhere safe. I have practiced white magic for a few years and can do a good protection spell. I just can’t seem to break through this black magic spell.

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