How can I break a hex?

About 5 years ago I divorced my husband after a 10 year marriage because of growing apart and falling out of love for him. I used to pray to god every night that my feeling would change and that I would grow to love him but it never changed. His mother and everyone told me that I would fall flat on my face and would never get anyway in life. Since then I have been suffering financially, my relationships never work, I am unsuccessful at everything I do and cannot seem to get anywhere in life. I’ve never believed in people harming anyone in a bad way until several weeks ago I met a total stranger that started telling me about the past 5 years of my life and was so accurate with every detail….I was so surprised, he then said that someone has cast a spell on me and that i need help. I’ve lost contact with this person and reached out to someone else who is known to helping people with this. She also said the exact same things that the guy said to me. She also said that my ex-mother in law was responsible for the spell and that it is very strong. I was instructed to take a bath with some healing oils and also to wear something that is like a charm… Nothing has really changed and I still feel that the spell has not been broken. I pray incessantly to got for this to be removed from me and I don’t know what to do anymore. I really need some guidance and insight about what I should do. Regards, Samantha

Merry Meet Samantha, It is so unfortunate that you have been suffering financially and emotionally. Regardless of the reason why this happened, it is time for you to think positively. Happy thoughts bring happy events into your life. To safeguard your future, I will also give you a hex-breaker spell that will work for you! Remember to get another lucky charm that will help you so long as you count your blessings. Your difficult time will turn around quickly as you get more positive minded and hopeful of a bright future. CrossRoads Protection Spell This spell not only removes troubles caused by another person, it also gives you protection from all evil in the future. For this spell, gather the following items: 7 small stones from the crossroads A cauldron or cast iron pan salt crushed garlic and peel of one garlic onion peel, leaves or shoots hot chili peppers mustard seeds candle or matches to light a fire Place the seven stones on a censer in the cauldron or cast-iron pan.. Place the salt, onion peel and shoots, garlic peel and peel, chili peppers and mustard seeds. Light the mixture and allow the resulting smoke to waft through you. Strongly visualize the evil energies leaving in a hurry when the encounter the devastating efffects of these potent botanicals. And so they will. Brightest Blessings. Rose. When everything cools down, remove the stones and the remaining ashes and take them to the crossroads. Leave it there and return home without looking back.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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  1. Cheshire Cat says:

    Hey, how do I ask questions?

  2. anonomous says:

    Hi the first time i saw i psychic i was really sure that she was evil .Every since i saw her bad things have been happening .Every psychic i speak with says that im cursed with bad luck and there are demons around me my relationship sufferd with a long time boyfriend who the curse is also suppose to be on .Im not sure if they are after money or i am truley cursed i pray to god and ask him to show me my path .Im really confused about this whole situation .What confuses me more is if a person can help why would they charge to save you . I m suffering finanically and i didnt just loose a boyfriend i lost a best friend i feel this curse is on my entire famiily .What can i do ? can a priest help me ? if i just leave all psychics alone and stop belief will that help me ? i need help . can you please give me some advice rose ?

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