How can I break up a marriage?

hi, rose I had a relation with a girl her name is Charry.we got the relation when her husband was in vacation.Until her husband came back I had a sweet relation with her.She told me she won’t go back to her husband but last 5 months she is living with husband it’s very hard for me to forget her bcz I love her too much.I am living alone and thewy are enjoying there lifed, please help me get bring her back 4 ever

Merry Meet Seeker,
There are some rules of the Universe that is best kept sacred all our life. The most important rule is that if we hurt someone knowingly (and sometimes unknowingly) we will hear from the Universe sooner or later. However, most people conveniently forget this rule when they are swept away by romance or love for another.
It is easy to fall in love but it is important to think through our actions every minutes, every second of our life. What we think or do today may affect our life today or a year from now. There are no set rules when what is due to you will come to you and show itself up in your reality. This means that if we forget the rule of the Universe, sooner or later we end up in a sad, depressed state as what is due begins to unleash and take over our life.
This is exactly what happend to you. Romancing a married person is taboo almost all around the world. We have always heard of the advice that anyone in a relationship already should not be bothered as matches happen in heaven. If anyone thinks that their marriage is not working, there are many ways by which one can get out of the marriage. The legal one is divorce. If a woman says that she doesn’t like her husband and yet does not take steps to get out of the relationship, it is a red flag. Before getting involved, it would’ve been a good idea to make sure that the person you were attracted to was single and honest.
Your best bet is to not cause any more bad karma and to stay away from this couple. If you cannot forget this woman, you can wait patiently to see if she will ever leave him. If you wo any spells to hurt this relationship, only you will be in harm’s way. The suffering you are going through now is part of the three-fold return you attracted. To reduce it, do a lot of good deeds such as helping others emotionally and financially.
Brightest Blessings

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