How can I bring a previous lover back into to my life?

Hi ROse, My name is Anupama and I am currently undergoing a lot of pain due to the seperation of my lost love. I am perplxed and amazed about waht happend as we broke up just like that and he is going around with someone else. I want to spen my entire life with him and love him with all that I have. Please tell me if he will come back into my life and will i spend my entire life time with him? His Name is Abhilash.

Hi Anupama, Love is what makes the world go around. To be “in love” is the best way to exist on this earth. However, we do come into this world with many soulmates who will be with us through thick and thin. We may not see them, but our spirit will spot them instantly. If Abhilash is your soul mate, he will return and promise you that he will not stray again. So be patient. Love is patient, Love is kind and above all, Love forgives. So you have to allow him to think through his decision and make up his mind – If its you, he will be back and that’s when you tell him how you feel about him. If he has left you and is going with other women, he is obviously not in the mood to talk about commitment. Patience reaps rewards. If you can wait and let the situation work through, you will see if he loves you or not. If you don’t have the time to waste, waiting around for him, you can do one of two things: 1. Do a spell to invite love into your life. Do not forcefully make him come back to your life. Believe me, that won’t last. However, you can push your intentions on the Universe and see Life can bring the two of you back together or bring everlasting love to you from another source. Search for Love Spells on this website. 2. You can start looking elsewhere. Sometimes we get stuck on one person and if that person does not love us back, it is a waste of time. So be smart and give him some time to realize what he has lost. If he seems to enjoy life with this other person, let him be. Your real soulmate is on his way to meet you! Invite him into your life. Hope this helps your dilemma. Brightest Blessings!

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