How can I bring back my boyfriend who walked out on me?

Hi Rose… MY boyfriend of 3 years just walked out on me by saying that he had found somebody else… i love him very much and will not live i can not get him back….. Please help me bring im back to me.. Cintya

Greetings Cintya! I can understand how sad you are about this situation. Three years is a long time to be together. However, you have to focus on the fact that life sometimes goes in directions that we cannot fathom. Your focus should be on yourself and how you can bring love into your life. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our problems that we close the very gates through which love can get to us. So you have to open up your heart for love. It can be an old love or new love. Be open to all possibilities. Before you met this person, you probably were open to all kinds of love. That is how you attracted your ex-boyfriend. Similarly, allow yourself to hope and dream that your life will open up in new and exciting ways. To kickstart this new phase of your life, get some items such as pink candles, rose oil essence or perfume, paper and pen. Take a long bath in rose essence or in a bathtub with rose petals floating in the water. Allow the perfume to seep deep into your whole being. Imagine the essence of love entering into your spirit and taking over your senses. Wear a cotton robe or dress and sit quietly in front of the lit candles. When your mind is calm, think of the happiness you felt when you were with your boyfriend. Write down your emotions when you were the happiest in your life. Calmly and loudly read what you have written. Close your eyes and see yourself in that happy space, once again. Invite this happiness to come into your life. No conditions, no negativity. repeat the phrase “Let love come into my life” three times. Repeat this as often as you’d like. Remember, do not ask for the same person to return. If He is the right person for you, he will return. Brightest Blessings!

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3 Responses to “How can I bring back my boyfriend who walked out on me?”

  1. Iritar says:

    Great response, Rose. I certainly agree that she should open herself to love. Using magic to impose upon someone’s free will can come back against the person who cast the magic or sent the energy out. Law #1: Harm None.

  2. ann says:

    i need to know if the guy i am with will change his ways and love me the way i want to be loved? if not will there be someone lot better.

  3. preeyah says:

    hi am preeyah i want back my boyfriend who walk away from me for no reason at all. i want to know if he will come back i really loves him . the thigs is that i cannt understand howcome he told me he dont want to be in a relationship anymore and he want to be single when 2 weeks before he offer me a bunches of red roses. we have not leave each each other since we met for the last 3 months alwyas together for every night. am really in a desesperate situation .what should i do

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