How can I bring love and prosperity into my life?

dear rose, iam very depressed of my life love and luck is not in my life iam divorsed and single parent of a daughter, who ever comes in my life cheat me but i am always sincear women . last weak someone met me he said he likes me .he had to go to afghanistan about the job and now he is avoiding me idonot know why closed mobile i am really very up set because i like him very much therfore iam in avery bad condition just want to know does he like me or not and this is also true that i want to bring him in my life i feel icanot survive without him his name is john date of birth is 31 december 1965 . and about the money i am not lucky i have to do hard work but canot get enough money to fullfill need of my life .

Merry Meet Seeker, I can understand the dilemma you are in. I am sure it is not easy to raise a child all by yourself. Here is a love spell and a prosperity spell for you. These spells will bring love and happiness into your home as well as enable you to welcome prosperity into your life. Acorn Cup and Ashen Key Spell For this spell, you have to find an empty acorn cup which is attached to an oak twig or leaf. Get some ash seeds which will be the “keys” . Whisper oer the two items: “Acorn Cup and Ashen Key, bring my true love back to me!” Take the acorn cup and the ash seeds and place them under your pillow for three consecutive Friday nights. As you place it, repeat the above mantra each time. In three weeks, you will see your beloved return to you. Prosperity Candle Spell This spell will bring joy and abundance into your home so that you will not have to worry about money in the future. Get a green candle and carve it with your desires such as $, income, money, lumpsum, lottery, inheritance, etc. Place this green candle on a saucer and arrange some pennies or other coins at the base of the candle. Light the candle and chant: Prosperity, COME TO ME! While the candle burns, sit in meditation, visualizing the riches that are on their way to your home and heart. Brightest Blessings Rose.

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