How can I bring prosperity to my life?

I am and child of god and”yes”i’ved have been done wrong from:cheating out of money from hard working jobs.I like to full stuidies has recevied and powerful blessing of beyone has wicthcraft powers to received anything like winning the lottery,received blessies of debt free,being richies person to do what ever like,amen.

Merry Meet Seeker,
I feel that you have had a very difficult life and you wish to become debt-free and blessed in every way. This act of writing online about your dreams is just the first step you your future life. What you have written is really an affirmation of the life that is coming to you already. The Universe is always watching and listening. Just mention something and it may show up right near you.
Visualization is the key to getting what we need from the Universe. The Universe itself does not segragate humans or animals unless we have hurt someone. The people who are seemingly rich are usually those who have done good deeds in their childhood or in a previous birth. Those who are rich now and maybe hurting others will certainly hear from the Universe in strict terms. So no one can escape from doing bad deeds like cheating or hurting others (animals or humans) in ANY way!
To fill your life with joy and prosperity, all you have to do is see the vision of it in your mind. That is where meditation comes to help. To really CREATE our life, we have to sit still and imagine the life we wish to have. Do not allow greed to enter the picture. You may ask for a small house with enough to eat and spend. There is no greed involved there. However, if you ask to win a Million dollar lottery, you may be asking too much.
The Universe distributes wealth according to our karma (or deeds we have done before). If we have good karma, we will certainly get everything we wish for. If we have hurt puppies or other animals or hurt anyone else in any way, it may not be easy to create your happy life. It is best to go back and say Sorry or do some retribution for the people or animals we have hurt. Those who genuinely regret what they have done before and make heartfelt apologies as well as taking care to “heal” the hurt will be able to live happily.
Brightest Blessings

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