how can I can I decrease my nose size and body height?

Please reply rose that how can i Decrease my nose size and body height? Hi rose, i am nischal. i joined to your course a year ago. i didn’t ask anything but today due to intolerance i want you to ask. Rose i am a guy with long nose and height of 6 feet. due to this i have no friend. no one walks with me coz they say i am ugly. rose i want friend but i dont have any. please help me rose. i think this question is more regardable than others for you. i think i will sucide coz i am friendless. pease rose help me…

Merry Meet Nischal, I am glad that you found the time to write to me. I am not sure how old you are but I know a lot of American girls who would love to go out with a guy who is 6 ft. However, depending on the country you live in, you may think that you are too tall. Have you ever thought of moving to America? :) One thing to remember is that there are very few people who think they are perfect. Most of us think that our noses are too large or small, our eyes too narrow or our body too fat, etc. There are very few people who really accept their bodies as they are. Many people find it difficult to make friends, especially when they are youngy. Sometimes in life, the most important problems are about appearances. Then things will change and you may be happily married and the problems move in other directions, but there will always be problems if we look at it that way. We can change our outlook though; As I tell my nieces and nephews, each of us has special things that we ignore because we tend to focus on what does not work rather than what works. You may have nice hair or soft eyes and a gentle heart, but it takes time for someone to notice that. If you used your height to join a basketball team, you will suddenly find yourself with a lot of admirers. Looks aren’t all that others notice. Joining a public speaking group or an adventurous group may change your outlook on life. So do try to change your thoughts into positive ones and always know that your soul mate will appear at the right time. Also learn the tricks to give the appearance of shorter stature by wearing clothes with horizontal lines and find ways to put on makeup which will make your nose look smaller. Here is a spell that you can do to change your appearance: Get a human shaped candle to represent you. Using a small pin, scratch lines on your candle to reduce the current height and also make your nose smaller. Dress this candle with commanding oil and charge it with its mission. Burn the candle for 15 minutes every day until it is gone. Meanwhile, go out everyday and try to talk to one new person (at a library, super market or club). There will be magick in the air. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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