How can I change my eye color and what is glamour magick?

is it true that you can change the colour of your eyes with magick?
and can you tell me more about glamour magick please? thank you

Merry Meet Seeker!

Thank you for the two questions. The one relates to eye color and the other to glamoury. I will give you a brief answer on both of these:

Changing Eye Color

I have never wanted to change the color of my eyes and have subsequently never experimented with these types of spells. I am going to offer you a spell I found aimed at changing eye color. Do remember that I only guarantee spells that I have used before, so this one is will be without one, I’m afraidJ.

Eye Color Spell (

By: Hugh Jass

Components Required

  • 1 candle (use a candle who’s color is the same as the color that you want to change your eyes to).
  • Pentacle

You can use more candles, the more candles the better the spell will work.

Light the candle(s) and sit in front of the candle(s) and chant 3 or more times:

“1 2 3 change for me, 1 2 3 (present color) to (color you want it to change to)”

Then chant 3 or more times:

“By the powers of three let it be seen”

Then visualize your eyes changing color then check in the mirror.


This spell may last a day or so if only using one candle


Glamoury is an image projection witches use to make them appear more beautiful, younger, older, taller, slimmer etc. If you decide to use glamoury, you must remember that it is temporary and that it only enhances that which you already have.

One should not use glamoury spells too often. By continually projecting that which you are not can result in losing your true identity. If you are really worried about how you look, go to some good old mundane trouble to fix it! Use sun cream, exfoliate, lose weight, groom etc. Then use glamoury only when you want to enhance how you appear to others on special occasions. Also, my dear, work at your self-image and self-love. These always shine through. Being confident and friendly are very attractive qualities indeed!

Brightest Blessings!





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16 Responses to “How can I change my eye color and what is glamour magick?”

  1. We have a young friend (Gracie) who has been able to change her eye color from a very young age. She says she just “closes her eyes and thinks real hard” about the color she wants. They switch from brown to grey.

  2. Ben says:

    You can change your eyecolor with Newiris more information on Its realy great. I have now green eyes

  3. Artemis says:

    Dear ben…i was thinking to gi to the ColorIris clinic in panama to change my eye colour but i would like to ask you if you had any problem with the recovering thing,how do you do your everyday work or even dive into the sea in summer…
    I need to know!A lot of patients told me that they had many problems with the implants…some of them got blind!
    If you know everything more please contact me at my e-mail
    [email protected]
    Or leave a comment

  4. Artemis says:

    Do you know any person who changed his eyes with magic spells?

  5. mark says:

    where do you buy a pentacle here in the philipines ?

  6. mark says:

    in the pentacle thing can i just draw the pentacle?

  7. Jayson says:

    yes you can just use a pentagram that you have drawn, or you may etch one into wood or on a mirror

  8. mcfly says:

    mmmmm you can draw a pentacle

  9. Angelia says:

    It doesn’t work I just tired twice.

  10. Mara says:

    I’ve tried a spell where I wanted my eyes to change to green…didn’t work…:/
    oh well! practice makes better!….and a pair of green contacts… XD

  11. nelson says:

    im sorry but can i just like draw it on a peace of paperand lay it on the ground then put the candles in front of u then do it and i have another qeustion whe usaid to chant “1 2 3 change for me, 1 2 3 (present color) to (color you want it to change to)” do u just say 1 2 3 change for me ir what please answer back soon

  12. lola the witch says:

    hey i have tried drawing a candel and a pentigram cause my mom wont let me use a real candle can u help cause it didnt work i need help

  13. Νικη says:

    epidh exw kanei metafrash sto google ta leei kapws perierga sta ellinika an uparxei kapios na mporei na m ta e3ighsei kalutera 8a eimoun pl eugnomwn…

  14. Νικη says:

    I don’t understand very well what it says it exists somebody him says in the Greek language?

  15. Reina says:

    Hey, I’m Reina, I’m not a pagan or a witch but I’d love to try this spell. Will it work for me? Someone please help me ASAP

  16. vampire girl says:

    i think this is kind of scary don’t you guys think it is your eyes natural color
    and please don’t be mad at me i am just a training witch and i love magic.

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