How can I change my luck at work?

My life is falling apart, my Boss is trying to nugde me out of the company. I have been having problems with this one Ladie and he is setting me up, and siding with her.I need some really good luck to come my way.

Merry Meet!

Oh, dear! Oh, dear! It does sound like you are in a bit of a pickle at work! And I am very sorry to hear that you feel as though everything is coming apart.

You know, we spend a large portion of our days in our places of work. That is why it is extremely important to be happy in one’s job. Naturally I want you to be happy in your company, so I am going to offer you some really good advice – advice I got from my grandmother when I first finished school. It is however up to you to follow this! J

Part 1: Cleanse and Protect your Aura every day

There are many fancy ways to go about this, but let us keep it simple this time around. Have a shower every morning and every evening. As you wash, imagine all the negative energy that ‘got to you’ during the day at work OR during your sleep dissolving and flowing down the drain. After drying, close your eyes and imagine the sun shining directly over the top of your head, its rays streaming down your body. Once the rays are all around you, slowly count up to three. When you say the word “three”, the rays solidify around you, like a coat of armor. Nothing negative can penetrate this protective shield at all. Not your boss and not the lady he is conspiring with. As a matter of fact, the wonderful side effect of Part 1 is that EVERY little bit of negative energy they send you will bounce back to them! They will either stop or leave. Trust me on this one today …

Part 2: Project Positive Energy

Inside of you there is a small little bright light. Right there where your heart is. Because you are feeling miserable, it is just a tiny speck. Fan that light! Watch it grow bigger and bigger and brighter and brighter until it bursts from you, radiating all the colors of the rainbow – vibrant and positive. Take this positive attitude with you to work. Cheerfully greet everyone, offer your help, do your daily task as though it is the greatest joy in your life. Keep it up for 7 working days and then see how you feel and how people react to you. They will be bewitched … The wonderful side effect of Part 2 is that people will start looking up to you, offering you support, trusting you! This can help your career a great deal …

Suddenly, my dear, you will start feeling in control again. Your self confidence will grow. You will experience happiness once again.

Your luck will have changed … You will have changed you luck. Good Luck! That power is yours.

In Love and in Light!

Blessed Be!

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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