How can I connect to Goddess?

Im having trouble connecting with my god and goddess so is there another way that i can connect with my god and goddess without the supplies?

Merry Meet Seeker,
As most of us are aware, Goddess or God are all around us. We need not go looking for them. They are just like the wind that we never see and yet, we know that it is there. Watching the leaves dancing, you know tha that Air is at work. Similarly, we know there is water in the atmospere but we cannot see it.
B the way, you really don’t need any supplies to work on Witchcraft. If you need supplies, just look into your kitchen. Anything in the kitchen that comes from Nature such as salt, pepper, all types of fruits and vegetables, herbs and other botanicals and their essential oils, candles or lamps, etc.
Goddess and God can only be seen (for most humans) when they seek them not with their eyes, but with their hearts. One of the wonderful ways to connect with God is through Meditation. As many of us are aware, God can come in many ways. It is best to see God in everyone we see. We don’t have to say it loud or ask for proof, but treating others as one of us (we have God inside us too) is the best way to live happily.
You will connect with the Divine when you help people in need. Go so a shelter and feed some of the people there. Find a soup kitchen and offer them help. Or go to a children’s or animal shelter and play with the kids, puppies and kittens there. All living things are Godly. There is nothing in this world that is not connected to Goddess.
When you begin a spell or sit down to pray Believe that the Goddess is there, in front of you, smiling at you and encouraging you to do your best. Belief is the best way to connect to the Divine. Other ways are as I have mentioned – Helping others in need.
Brightest Blessings

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