How can I control my psychic powers?

For many years in my life I have been able to know whats going on in places when im not there. I have no control over this or understanding of how it works, for example I will get an image in my head of my son talking to a girl, later to find out that he was and it was the same girl in my vision. i can even sometimes hear the conversation going on or i know people are talking to certain people and when i ask them they think i was spying on them. this is not the case. I just know or feel or see it happening. what is this and how do i control it. i dont tell many people about this cause they think im weird or full of it. i have been researching and i came across your site so i figured why not ask, you dont know me. so i dont think you would think this is weird. please help me with this.

Merry Meet Seeker,
It is wonderful to know that you have such powers. It is truly an amazing gift indeed. As you are aware, this gift is rare and precious. If you are aware of things that happen far away, think of how you can help humanity with this gift.
The first thing to do is to learn the art of Meditation so that you can exercise your mind to a greater degree. When you have more control over your mind, you may be able to listen more closely to your visions so that you can also fathom where they are and what the mood is about. The energies surrounding an event may be used to find missing persons, locate dead bodies or even solve murders.
Many people have psychic gifts that are untapped. There are many books you can read on psychic phenomena. Also, read spiritual books and learn ways to help others so that your powers can be used to help others. Do not believe the naysayers who have no clue about spirituality. They believe what the religions tell them and lose their natural spiritual powers.
Don’t forget to write down your nightly dreams. When you see stories in the newspaper, try to ascertain what happened to the people involved. Light a candle and stare at the flame. Do not allow your mind to waver. Focus on the flame until you are distracted. Keep repeating this and your mind will become stronger and more focused.
As you focus more and more on your psychic talents, they grow and thrive until you can easily deduce happenings and solve many mysteries for the benefit of the world.
Brightest Blessings.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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