How can I convince my mother to allow me to stay with my brother?


Greetings! I am glad to hear that your brother is also your best friend. You have not mentioned how old you are. I am sure your mother has reasons to stop you from moving out of the house. Your brother may be your best friend, but I am sure he is not as mature and experienced in raising children as your mother is. If you are already an adult, then you should be able to calmly ask your mother the reasons why she is not allowing you to move out. Also ask your brother if this is a good idea. He may not have the resources to meet the huge expenses that is required to feed and clothe someone else. Also, what if an emergency happens? He is probably not experienced in dealing with such experiences and may make mistakes which may not be to your advantage. I hope you understand why your mother does not want you to move out. If you don’t, then its time to have a heart-to-heart discussion with your mother about it so that you can find ways to prove to her that you are able to move out and take care of yourself. As a mother, my suggestion to you is to show your wisdom by discussing this issue with your mother as an adult. No fighting, no tears and no tantrums. Even if it may take months or years, if you prove to your mother that you are capable of taking care of yourself (doing well in your studies, holding a steady job, etc) then you have a good chance to live wherever you want to. Good luck with your choices. Brightest Blessings!

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