How can I develop my third eye?

how to open and develop the third eye?what are the training i have to undergo before i can use my third eye?what are the consequences if the third eye is open?

Merry Meet!

I am glad to hear that you are interested in developing your 3rd eye. The term “third eye” goes way beyond psychic sight, though. It also encompasses several other psychic abilities. Let me explain in this way: We all have five senses. Seeing, Touching. Tasting. Smelling. Hearing.

Being psychic is an extension of your physical senses beyond their physical range and includes the following:

  • Seeing becomes clairvoyance (Seeing people / places / objects in the past the present and the future, even though you are not within the sensory range of these.)
  • Touching becomes psychometry (Gaining information from touch).
  • Hearing becomes clairaudience (Hearing that which is not physically present).
  • Clairsentience (Sensing that which cannot be seen, heard or touched).
  • Telepathy (communicating mind-to-mind).
  • Psychic Taste or Psychic Smell, or both often accompany psychic experiences.

Believe it or not, all human beings do have latent psychic ability! We just need to work at it. Simpler said than done, I suppose. My advice to you on how to go about re-awakening your psychic senses is to attend a training course. I have come across many people who have only had frustration and very little progress trying to regain their psychic senses via books. There are several courses available, but I personally recommend Touch of Enchantment. Here is the URL:

As for the consequences… there are truly many – too many to discuss in the limited space provided here. Suffice to say that getting in touch with your psychic self will enhance your life on both the mundane and spiritual level. There are no negative effects if you stick to the rules which you will be taught during the course. Also, during training you will be taught how to invoke self-protection, as well as how to “switch off” you abilities when not needed.

Wishing you all of the best on the journey you are considering and may your path be one of Love and Light.

Blessed Be!

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

11 Responses to “How can I develop my third eye?”

  1. KIRAN says:

    PLS REPLY TO EMAIL .I AM SENDING THIRD TIME.i trying wiccan spells since from 10months .no success .my name is KIRAN 18 year old boy. i am trying to make friendship with aishwarya 17year old girl .since from 10 months. but not succeed.i tried lots of spells.but not worked at all.pls u only cast my spell

  2. John says:

    Um Have you done any of the beginners methods.Such as Dream Reacall,Meditation,etc.?
    Because spells require focus
    and lots of it.See If a spell goes wrong it will fire back on you meaning she will probably never be your friend unless you learn what magic is all about.

  3. greg says:

    try being nice to her

  4. Diana says:

    Can a simple money spell be cast without a circle case if oyu are not sure? Can the simple money spell that you sent me,can i cast it without the circle from my ebook?

  5. Diana says:

    can a simple money spell be cast without a circle if you are not sure about the circle castind?

  6. Caitlin says:

    A while after my 13th birthday last year music started playing in my head constantly, and somehow it comforts me and makes me less afraid.
    Um…I was practicing some minor telepathy with a boy in my art class before the end of term holidays and we were getting better at it but when school started again we weren’t very good at it anymore.
    Last year I also started being able to fell something in the air, like tiny air sprites from myths.

    I never went though a course or anything and it all eventually started after I was angry all the time and started acting a bit like a feral animal for a few months, but I’m better now although a little cold and hollow

  7. Wild says:

    how ca i develop my third eye? i already experience to see ghost.

  8. Manny says:

    I love ghost!.. one day I workout in gym, i was in bench press I saw ghost in the mirror!…

    kulbaan gani ko mung! daw di ko mag workout nga ako lang sara na paagyan ron mung!

    i hope you can help me develop my 3rd eye!.. gracias!…

  9. Jacob says:

    To let everyone know, I find that drinking tea helps you, though very slightly, as well as meditating from now and then, and, finally, sometimes (like me for some reason) you can be born to be a “seer” but if you are not, you may want to find a black mirror (also known as the seer’s mirror, or the claude glass) to have some aid, and the only problem about it, you have to stare into it for a long time, sometimes with no blinking.

  10. Jacob says:

    oh and I have a suspition i inhabit a ghost’s house, though i don’t know whether it’s friend or foe, i hope it be a friend!

  11. msoh says:

    Dear Rose, am a mother who think am suffring from witchcraft i do silly things that i dont want to do i feel energies pulling me off i got 3 kids who i truely love but i dont see them or stay with em i seperated from their father and all the time time i meet them or have them i feel strang i think loud (taking to myself my mind) all money is blocked that i cant suport the children, until i leave them alone, then i get money, when i buy the children anything something happens that they dont get to use anything i give them, secondly i do business and when am about to make good business something always happens that the business backfires leaving me in trouble or looser. i leave alone now in a poor house and not happy withmyself its hard for me and i always want to be alone coz am embarased for people to laugh at me, whoever the witch is is trying to make mylife miserable, i also get jobs and once i get my salary i only enjoy for 1 month. it has occured manytimes now then something happens that i loose my job or the company goes bankrupt or i will work without anypay. Mother Rose please give me a solution to make mylife nomal and happy.

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