How can I drive all the negative influences out of my life?

Hi Rose, I need help badly. I have a trust fund that i need and want fervently to cancel due to many things. main one ( I cannot control my inheritance, and cannot take charge of my inheritance until i turn 80 years old.) imagine that huh? I’ve tried to start a lawsuit to cancel the trust fund but my sister in law and brother bought ( paid off ) the lawyer. I live in Mexico, where lawyers and judges can be paid off easily and without impugnity. besides this, i live on a very tight budget and cannot pay a lawyer in advance. i can give him one of the 3 properties i have in the trust fund once it is cancelled. I haven’t found a good lawyer since october 2003 when i know my brother and sister in law paid my lawyers a large amount of money to abandon my case. i have been praying and hoping and seeking new lawyers to help me cancel the trust fund but no one is willing to help me. and the property i offer is worth over $ 100,000.00 (one hundred thousand usd.) which is ten times more than what several lawyers have asked me to pay in advance. which i cannot do. i can’t even pay $ 500.00 usd to start the proceedings. is there a ritual, spell or advice you can give me to help me find a good lawyer, cancel the trust fund and help me find money? Also since i live in Mexico and cannot return to The U.S. until this trust fund mess is fixed, i have not been able to find a job. not one job that i have applied for since 2002 has ever given me a interview. and ALL those jobs i am more than highly qualified for. have worked in each field before for a long time. ( enlgish as a second language teacher, travel agent, reservations agent for an airline, sales in stores.) all highly qualified for and none has given me an interview or a chance. Maybe it is because of my last name? i am 1 of 4 people in the country with my last name and my brother is the chairman and treasury secretary for the bussiness and commerce association. could it be that my last name and my family is doing something to keep me from getting a job? The worst part is my sister in law and brother are deeply christian, but they have stabbed me (figuratively ) in the back many times by lying about me, and maybe even stealing from my trust fund. i feel trully cursed. I had a good, lucky and loving life until 2002. then things changed. drastically. I was forcefully moved out of my home and into a second floor apt. could not rent my house for over 2 years and once rented the renter tried to steal my home, then once she moved out i could not rent the house for over a year and had to rent the house for half the usual amount which a home like mine is rented in the neighborhood. those tenants are good people but cannot pay more than the amount they now pay. then could not find a steady renter for a private bedroom i now have rented. it took me over 3 years to get the current tenants and they are like family to me. money has been extra lacking since 2002 and problems and bad luck comes at me daily. i have been told by several people that i am cursed. could it be? I am a good person, help the homeless, the less lucky than me, those who need a blanket or a few dollars for food, even have donated plasma for 6 years. never steal or cheat. lie only when absolutely necessary and only to keep someone from being badly hurt and i always have been told i am a very good person, never allowing anyone to be hurt or go hungry or cold. and this has been said even believing in what others consider evil. (have been practicing the craft for a while now. stopped for 2 1/2 years but returned to prayers and basic spells 4 months ago.) hoping to consacrate myself to the Goddess after 2 years of practicing the craft. i have never harmed anyone, or any animal. and like i said have even tried to adopt a baby, but my family stopped me from adopting this baby due to their nasty reasons. ( The trust fund says that if i have no children the money and properties will be returned to my sister in law and brother when i die. or their descendants. unless i die after my 80 th. birthday.) i believe my sister in law paid a doctor to do something to me to keep me infertile after a miscarriage had to get a D&C. have not been able to get pregnant since 1994 and i have tried with several men, many times. besides all of the above, my luck, fortune and basic monetary situation has gone down the drain. i have tried everything, from spells and prayers, feng shui, rituals, etc. and nothing has worked. i am at the end of my rope, literally about to dangle off the highest peak and cannot find a reason for all this bad luck and lack of money except for my sister in law’s lies and deceit. I even tried to start a home bussiness, translating and doing computer work for students but nada. i get maybe 1 job every 2 or 3 months. and i speak fluent English and Spanish. can you help me or advice me?

Merry Meet Seeker,

I considered your question for a long, long time because the negative energy appears to be manifesting in every conceivable manner, in literally every area of your life: Family trouble, job, finances, business, property, relationships, fertility, trust funds and so forth. This is a pretty nasty situation in anyone’s terms.

Here is a spell I came across a year ago when I was asked to help somebody who found himself in a bit of a tangle. His situation was quite similar to yours and that is why I believe this spell to be appropriate.

I want you to cast this spell at dawn and then repeat the spell every January, July, and October when the moon is in Aries, Gemini, or Sagittarius, as well as on your birthday and on dates with special meaning. Do this for a period of 13 months.

You will need:

  • A mixture of powdered cloves and lemon oil
  • A 2” x 2” square of black cloth
  • A 3” x 3” square of white cloth
  • Pine needles
  • Bits of frankincense

Dab your pulses points and seven Chakras with a mixture of powdered cloves and lemon oil to open the avenue for spiritual purification. (Do this every morning and every evening for 13 months)

Take the black cloth and hold it with both hands. Visualize your misfortune as black sludge coming out of your pores and being absorbed by the cloth.

Once you feel the negativity has been discharged, take the white cloth in hand saying thirteen times,

“This is the light of protection and purity.

It covers the darkness, and brings safety to me.”

As you speak these words, imagine a blinding white light pouring into the cloth. Lay out the black swatch, place some pine needles and frankincense bits on it, and then put the white one over it.

Carefully bundle the two together so that no portion of the black can be seen. Carry the token with you to expel negativity wherever you are.

Hope this helps, dear Seeker!

Blessed Be!

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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  1. lisa says:

    i’d like to know if i am going to find a new job and a roommate soon. i’ve been lookijng and trying but no success yet. Anything?

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