How can I ease my impatience and clear my thoughts?

Hello Rose, I am very new to the Wiccan faith, and am extremely interested in becoming a witch. However, I tend to be very impatient with my journey at times, and become frustrated with my own lack of knowledge and concentration…It seems that my thoughts and emotions are so clouded! What do you recommend, whether it be a spell or something different, to help ease my impatience and clear my thoughts? Blessed be, Vaerah Lynn

Merry Meet Vaerah Lynn,
It is wonderful to hear from someone who is extremely interested in becoming a witch. Yes, it takes a lot of patience, dedication and love to train our heart and mind to do the needful. As you may have already experienced, each day may bring us different challenges. Sometimes we are restless, at other times we do everything correctly but we don’t get the result we expected.
The first thing that I usually advice people to do is to learn the art of meditation. There are several kinds of meditation. If you go online and use Google to find out the different types of meditation, you will see that there are tremendous variety in the methods by which people all over the world learn and practice meditation.
If you have a yoga class near your home, it would be a wonderful way to introduce meditation in your life. Yoga exercises each muscle, bone and organ in our body and Meditation exercises everything else. There are tremendous advantages to learning these simple and natural ways of energizing the body and mind.
People who are adept at the art of Witchcraft know that it takes a lot more than tools and other items to get a spell to work. As you practice daily, it will get easier with every success.
When you are working in a spell or ritual, spend some time reading a book on spirituality (not religious books) which clears our mind and allow us to go deeper into meditation as we contemplate the importance of taking charge of our own life. The deeper we delve into our spirit, the easier spells will get. Practice, Practice, Practice. That is the best way to become the successful and powerful witch you can be.
Brightest Blessings

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