How can I empower my jewerly items?

re: enspelling an item/jewllery? Hi, I’m a begining solitary witch,begining to learn about herbs/magic and casting ‘white’ spells etc, but I can’t find anywhere instructions on how to ‘attach’ a spell to an item? For example how to enspell a ring to attract money or love etc to its wearer??? or how to spell over an amulet to bring blessings/protection etc Can you please give me any info on where I might find this? (You see hundreds of these items for sale – but HOW is it done)? (I really want to enchant my personal items) I would be extremely grateful! In love and light, blessings, Margaret

Merry Meet Margaret,
It is very good to meet you and I am happy to hear that are a practicing, solitary witch. Empowering jewelry is always a good idea. As soon as I get a piece of jewelry, I cleanse it. As you know, the cleansing part is worked so that anyone who has touched the jewerly will not leave their negative energies on it. To cleanse an item of jewelry, it is best not to use salt water as we usually do with tools and other items. After the cleansing, you can energize it to do whatever you choose.
For jewelry, it is best to use frankincense incense. At your altar, light a candle and some incense. Place some sea salt on a saucer, a bowl of water near it.
Meditate on the piece of jewelry while holding it in your hands and visualizing the powers that you wish to transfer into it. Now pass the item through the candle flame (quickly)and chant
“May this object be blessed by the power of fire and aid me by .
Continue by passing it through the incense saying
“May this object be blessed by the power of air, and aid me by

Briefly touch the water and repeat:
“May this object be blessed by the power of water, and aid me by

Continue with the salt and then hold your item up (to the sky). Chant:
“May this object be blessed by the power or ALL THAT IS and aid me in

. By the power of the Moon and the Sun, by Earth and Sky, by Fire, Water and Air, I bind this spell. May it be so”
Visualize sealing the energy of the piece of jewelry so that it is protected from the outside energies and stay constantly energized.
Kiss the piece of jewelry and hold it close to your heart, chanting
“May you serve me well”.
You may do this with any item of jewerly that you have. Hope this helps answer your question.
Brightest Blessings.

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