How can I enhance my ability to tap into Magick?

Does the universal laws of the universe apply to all magick and what can we do to enhance our ability to tap into it?

I found the most interesting information about tapping into the laws of the universe and just had to share it with you. It is based on acquired knowledge of the ancient Hawaiian people (Menehune). But, I think you will find some useful information.
The Menehune understood their connection and interdependence with the world around them. They knew the laws of the universe were the source of their power. By following the simple ways of the universe, the universe assisted the Menehune in their doings. These universe laws are different from the arbitrary laws of man which stem from the egos of men and women. The laws of the universe are physical laws of energy in all its forms completely unbiased.
When humans stopped respecting their interconnection and the laws of the universe, they lost the magic and power that develops naturally from this connection. We all know the great power of Mother Nature. When people aligned themselves and their actions according to the laws of the universe, they found magic and support at every turn.
Some people have asked, if the Menehune are so powerful why did they not do anything to stop the destructive changes in their world and why didn t they call upon the forces of nature and the universe to rid their world of destructive humans.
These incredibly wise beings are walking a path that gave them great vision of our world. They understand the potential problems of interfering with the universe s energy patterns and flow. They understand the ability and power comes the necessity for great discretion the ability to assess the real impacts of their actions, in both the short and long term. Actions can lead to unforeseen and undesired results. The Menehune would only take action when they could be certain that no harm would come from their actions. And they knew not to try to assess situations without guidance and feedback.
The Menehune taught humans about these universal laws. That s why there are so many stories about ancient peoples and their kahuna heeding signs and portents. For example, a kahuna had been called upon to help a family resolve a problem. On her way to the people s home, her path was crossed by an angry, barking dog. The kahuna immediately turned around and returned to her home. When the world s energy patterns say no , the Menehune and their students listened. The barking dog was just the universe s way of talking to the kahuna and telling her that it wasn t the right time to make the journey.

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  1. Carolynn Loughridge says:

    I liked this articles. I learned a lot from it but I’ve had a huge problem with menehunes for almost three years. They’ve made moves with me, go to hospitals and drs. appointments with me and steal soooooooooo much. Even inhalers, a bottle of percocet’s a thing of green tic-tacs. USB cables renduring my electronics useless. All of my jewelry and I fear buying things in that they will most likely steal them. I’m a very sick woman, i.e. status/post open heart surgery, pacemaker, pulmonary embolism and very big blood clots in both legs. Between my health and the menehunes, they make both battles very hard to fight. I’ve had enough of the menehunes. I WANT THEM OUT OF MY LIFE1 It’s effecting my health. They are breaking their own universal laws. Please help me if you can.

  2. Carolynn Loughridge says:

    I sent you a menuhene SOS. Did you receive it?

  3. It’s actually a cool and helpful piece of info. I am satisfied that you just shared this helpful info with us. Please stay us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.

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