How can I erasae my mother’s memories?

I was wondering if you could help me erase my mothers memories. Because she just cant forget what I did wrong. I need spells that work. I was wondering you could put a spell on me to stop the habit of Lieng and spells to reverse time and spells that help me become a Princes. Help me please.

Merrry Meet Seeker,
Let us take one habit or problem at a time. You say that you wish to erase your mother’s memories. Now, let us think for a minute. Your mother, who gave birth to you also took care of you when you were a child and now that you have grown up a little more. I am sure your mother does a lot of things for you now such as waking you up, making your breakfast, making sure that you eat well, dress well and speak well and so on. If you do a spell to erase your mother’s memories, what will happen?
Your mother will forget you! She will not just be able to remember everything else but your mistakes. If your spell is really powerful, your mother may just forget that you are her daughter. See how powerful a spell can be? It is very important that we work on spells carefully and with clear instructions. Anyway, changing someone else’s life (yes, even your own mothers) is a no-no in Witchcraft. Have you heard of the three fold rule in Wicca? If you do a spell to erase even part of someone’s memories, how much will you lose from your memory? There times as much! You may forget everyone who loves you. Can you see the folly in such actions?
Next, you say that your mother will forget what you have done if you work on a spell. However, isn’t it better to talk to her straight from the heart (and mean in) when you say that you are really, really sorry and will not repeat it EVER AGAIN. Oh, but you have a problem with lying too. Unfortunately, there is no spell to make you speak the truth always. All humans have the power to make ourselves good, helpful and benevolent or bad, helpless and evil. Which side would you choose to be on?
Every moment in life, we have choices. The choices we make determine our happiness in life. For an extremely happy life, one has to help others everyday, neve lie ( that is – always speak the truth) and respect everyone we come across. No one deserves to be cheated or lied to or hurt. When you have a decision to make, always look at both sides. How will I feel if someone lied to me or cheated me? How will someone feel is I shared this cookie with her? and so on.
You seem like a smart kid. You can have a wonderful life and live as a princess if you always speak the truth and help others in every way you can without lying or hurting another human being or animal or any other living thing in this world.
Brightest Blessings

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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