How can I find a Wiccan teacher?

Hello! I am searching for a Wiccan Teacher with whom I can consult and receive guidance while I walk my path, can you point me in the right direction? Funny thing about the Wiccan communities – they are quite secret! I hope you can email me some sort of confidential connection in the Southern New Hampshire (USA)area. Many thanks – Anam Charae

Merry Meet Anam Charae,
It is not customary for wiccans to have a teacher. Wicca encourages individual creativity and self-awareness of the workings of the Universe. When compared to religions that request “followers” be be subservient and to give up all their powers, Wicca espouses self-empowerment so that we can see the world with unique perception.
However, if you would wish to enjoy Wicca in the presence of others, there are many ways to find Wicca practioners. Here are a few ways to find other wiccans around the world:
1. Search on Yahoo groups for Wicca.
2. Go to
Here, you can search on the left panel and locate your home town to see if there are Wiccans in your neighborhood.
3. Search for Wicca in Google groups.
4. Attend conventions where spirtuality is the main theme. You could get a lot of info there.
5. Meetup is another way to find Wiccan groups or covens in USA. Go to Meetup Helps groups of people with shared interests plan meetings and form offline clubs in local communities around the world.
Yes, it is true that some wiccan communities prefer to be unnoticed because of the senseless attacks of many criminals who that pagan religions are somehow not as important as their own religions. So many innocent people are attacked and even murdered in the make of practicing “black magick” which has nothing to do with Wicca!
Wicca is a peaceful, spiritual way of living. Wicca’s only rule is that its practitioners do not hurt anyone for any reason.
Brightest Blessings.

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