How can I find if Wicca is right for me?

Merry Meet, My name is Jessie and my friend Skyler and I have resently descovered Wicca, and I was wondering if you could tell me how to find out if Wicca’s right for me. I’ve also heard that some Wiccans get their names by translating it to Gaelic, in which case my name would be Seasag, Seasidh, or Teasidh. Is that true?

Merry Meet Jessie and Skyler, It is wonderful to hear that you are interested in Wicca. Yes, Wicca is an amazing yet very natural way of life. All of us are born Wiccans because Wicca does not require membership in any group or religion. We are all born free, and Wicca is the religion for the free. No one to bind us with man-made rules and tell us what to do. Wiccans are free to do whatever. Wicca has only one rule that we’d better know which says that we get three times the return for every action we do. After that, you are on your own. Unless you want to practice as a group. Then you have to find a coven in your area. Since Wiccans are free to choose their names, you can get your Wiccan name from Gaelic if you wish. Again, no one tells you what to do. You are free to choose your name as well as what you do with your life. Isn’t that liberating? Wicca is the religion that has originated from ancient roots. There are no leaders and there are no followers. All humans are equal in every way as far as Wicca is concerned. We all have the same powers when we are born and we can do our best to sharpen these skills and become better and stronger everyday. The three-fold rule will keep us from getting into harm or intentionally or unintentionally harming another being. Since Wicca considers the world as a whole, all beings which include animals, insects, rocks and everything else that we see (and cannot see, like Air) are equal entities in this world. An amazing way to live, isn’t it? When you become an adult, you can decide whether to be Wiccan or not. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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