How can I find more about my powers?

Thank u miss for your time, my name is karista. I always felt different than everyone else i knew, and still feel that to day. Its not a “just me” thing… I know im different and its frustrating not knowing exactly how! I strongly believe there is more to life than just the gravity keeping our minds tethered down to one idea or belief… Do you think you could help me? In any way please, anything might help.. Thank you for reading, it was very generous of you, and have an enchanted day

Merry Meet Karista. It is wonderful to know and learn more about human life on Earth. I agree with your statement that life is more than just gravity and physical forces that most people think life is all about. Life is about finding our origins as well as about our future destinations. Life is about finding our path through the amazing treasure trove that we call the Earth. Life is about finding ways to understand it all.Life is about knowing what is true and what is NOT. Unfortunately, religions have messed things up a LOT. So we have very few avenues to really know and understand what life is all about. One of the best ways to live is the Natural way. Nature, which is all around us, can easily teach us what is important and what is not. Ammunition stockpiles, Nuclear arms races, Hoarding wealth, Fancy cars, Eating our co-inhabitants (animals, birds, etc) are not what we should focus on. What we need to think about is why we are here on this planet and what we can do to make it the best it can be! One way to learn about our own powers and goals is to work on Witchcraft. Reading books on Witchcraft, strengthening your mind by regular practice of meditation, Yoga and other natural practices can take you to a higher realm of thought and understanding. On the other hand, reading the daily news, watching the idiosyncrasies of the media folks and following the “limelight” take us to a lower realm of consciousness that focuses on external apprearances and ephermeral fantasies. So try to move yourself from distracting habits and spend time reading about all the wonderful ideas that are out there. Volunteer to help the disadvantaged, live a simple life and above all, know that all of us are in this together. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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  1. suzane says:

    hi i have some question for you i had some experiance with somebody made me maciks like black macik end from that experiance i learn that i have to learn something some belgiums are doing like hipnose or by sending jins or demons to me some of them are doing by wachting into eyes some of them like sending something can you tell me how do they do it

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