How can I find my center while pregnant?

I’m 3 months pregnant and in the recent months i have notice that my unborn has thrown off my center and my power source. Things are not happening as they should and long term spells have started to go wonky. How do i compensate for the extra energy. This is my first child and i have been practicing for about 4 years so i knew as soon as i was pregnant and my energy source went all off whack. I just need some advice everyone i know hasent been pregnant and dont have any answers for me and i cant seem to find any answers anywhere.So i was just hoping that you could help me out thanks. Blessed Be

The key to finding your center when pregnant is to get your child to help you. Clearly, becuase of his or her energy, things are going to be different for awhile. So, enlist the baby’s help to make things right again and to allow you to cast the protective and other magicks you need for a happy, healthy pregnancy.

With each of my children, I felt their energy differently and communicated with them differently, so please understand that this is a deeply personal process for every witch.  With one daughter, I communicated almost solely through song and a sort of telepathic link. With the other, I spoke out loud to her almost every time we were alone. To ease your mind and find your center, you have to figure out how you can communitcate with your child.

If you have already started speaking with your child, use whatever means is most comfortable for you. If you haven’t, then my suggestion is to cast a protective circle for the two of you and meditate and speak with your baby. Sit in a manner that is comfortable for both of you and concentrate on the way the life within you feels and the way your energy flows together.

In keeping with the basic principles of the faith, make sure to ask your baby if he or she is comfortable with your magic and does not object to it. Believe me, your baby will let you know if he objects. Concentrate on forging a spiritual bond with your child and then follow the cords of the bond back to your center.

Blessed Be both you and the child.


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