How can I find my soul mate?

I had a partner of three years who has recently gone away for a year on a UN mission. We were never very good together but at the same time could never leave eachother alone. He still contacts me as if we were still in a relationship, even though we agreed it had to end. I believe he loves me and i love him but i know it can never work – especially as i know he will never fully commit to me. I don’t want to make him change his mind on this (actually i do, but know i can’t and should not!) I want us to be able to let each other go without any bad feelings and to be able to move forward with our lives. I want to find someone who i am good for and who is good for me – a soulmate. How can i go about this without hurting anyone?

Merry Meet Seeker, I am happy to hear that although you would love to be in a relationship with your ex-partner, you did not try to bring him back using magick. Since you are still hurting, let me tell you about the Ariadne bath that may heal you and give you hope. Ariadne, who was the daughter of King Minos of Crete and his queen, Pasipha�, thought that her life was over when she was abandoned by Theseus. Little did she know that her love life was just beginning to blossom! She would never have met her soul mate Dionysus if she hadn’t gone through that experience and was abandoned on the island. Here is a special Adriane Bath that will help you come out of the doldrums with renewed hope and enthusiasm for a lover who will be your soul mate. Step 1: Get 2 teaspoons essential oil of Labdanum Step 2: Measure 2 teaspoons essential oil of mastic Step 3: Get 2 teaspoons essential oil of myrrh Step 4: Collect 2 teaspoons essential oil of Rose. Prepare a bath with warm water and light candles safely around the tub if possible. Also add the above quantities of essential oils to the bath. Enter the bath and sit in deep meditation for some time, inhaling the exquisite fragrances. Visualize everlasting love and joy coming into your life. Add some rose petals and a large rose quartz to the bath to get some more “Ooomph”. After the bath, take the rose quartz crystal with you. Sleep with it under the pillow until you don’t need it anymore. Brightest Blessings.

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  1. Bradhadair (Fire Starter) says:

    Are there any spells that dont interfear with the free will of other peoples hearts. But still helps me call my soulmate.

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