How can I find who took my money?

Merry Meet Rose. I want to ask you a solution for my problem. It was on Friday 6th October 2011. Before, leaving home, for going to school, i ask my mother to give me a 25 note. My mom, did not have 25, but she had 100 note, so she gave me it and said to return the rest of the money afterwards. In school, we were doing like kinda’ party. some of my friends were in the rector’s office, so i went to see them, leaving my bag in the class. There were my other friends who were in the class and my purse was in my bag. But when i returned home, the purse was empty. I did not know what to do. So i had to take 100 note in my pocket to give my mom, without letting her know. i don’t want that my mom be in a stressful mood. That’s why i did not told her. I would request to you if you can help me to find who did this to me. If i would not get the money back that’s okay but i want to know who can do such a lowly act. And as i know, i never took money from someone purse or rob money. Please Rose help me! May the Great God and Goddess be always with you and your family!

Merry Meet Seeker,
It is indeed very unfortunate that you left the bag in the classroom and your money got stolen. I am happy to hear that you replaced the money for your mother so that she doesn’t have to worry. That in itself is an amazing and benevolent thing to do. So you will be rewarded by the Universe.
Sometimes we lose money and sometimes we get money for no reason. Relatives may give us money, we may win a bet, we may earn some money and at times, our parents just give us money as gift. All of these times, we are supposed to give something back to the people who gave us money. Anytime anyone gives us anything, we are supposed to give them something back even if it is a small present.
In certain cultures, children are taught to always thank the person and return something (even if it is worth very little) to the giver. So now it may be your turn to “give”. Unfortunately, it landed in the hands of a thief. Don’t worry, you have done nothing wrong. Also remember not to accuse anyone of taking the money. You know that someone has the money and probably has spent it already. People who take others’ money are really sick at heart. They are probably having a hard time in life and the joy they get from stealing only lasts a very short time..
Here is a chant for you which will bring some of the money back to you. You may stand, kneel or sit while chanting this five times.
Earned long ago,
To me now flow.
Do not delay
I need it this day.
Silver and Gold,
Money to hold;
Answer my needs
With rewards for my deeds.
Earned long ago,
May it to me now flow.
Brightest Blessings

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