How can I forget my ex and move on in life?

Hi. I have a question…and the answer would be very essential to me. I have a relationship with a boy for about 10 years…but in this 10 years we mostly lived far from each other, meeting just a few times and for short periods. Before 2 years we finally succed to live together for 1 year and 3 mounth, but the circumstances did not let us more. Everytime somthing comes between us…I don t understand what, but I feel something strong keep us together even from the distance… He is living 3000 km away from me. I tried to leave him but I can t stop thinking for one day about him…Why I can not be with him…or be without him… I want start a new life, but simply I cannot forget him, even if I saw him 1 year ago for the last time…I can t be opened to a new relation, because I feel something knit me to him. My question: Is it possible that he made me a love spell, or somebody else made something to us? Please help me if you can…because so many years passed in harm from my life. Thank you in advance.

Merry Meet Seeker,
I can understand how difficult it is to continue a romance that simply has run out of options. Ten years is a very long time to wait for someone who cannot commit to the relationship and make the relationshop legal and binding. As an adult, you may be aware that his attempt at moving away 3000km away is a sign that he is not interested. It is normal to keep thinking of someone who has moved on. However, it is important that you stop thinking about him at all. Here are some steps you can take to decide once and for all whether it is worth waiting for your ex:
Twenty seven day Decision spell

For this spell, you will need some paper and a pair of scissors, small plate, sugar, 9 small white birthday candles
Step 1: Cut out a paper heart
Step 2: Write your ex-lover’s name nine times on the paper heart
Step 3: Place the paper on the small plate and completely cover it with sugar
Step 4: Take one of the candles and stick it in the middle of the plate. Visualize your intentions and light the candle. Allow the candle to burn out and keep the plate with the sugar and the wax drippings..
Step 5: Next day, add another candle, visualize and burn it. Repeat again for seven more days on the same plate so that you have lit a total of 9 candles.
Step 6: If your ex is NOT back by the 9th day, strart again with fresh saucer, sugar and another batch of 9 candles.
Step 7: If needed, repeat the spell one more time for a total of 27 days.
Step 8: If, by the end of 27 days, your lover (or ex) has not returned, it is time you find a new lover.
Brightest Blessings.

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