How can I gain more control over my powers?

Hey im trying to understand something… i can influence the elements of water and air( the wind) but its only when my emotions are at extreams but im trying to do it and gain more control over it but i need help…. any

Merry Meet Seeker,
It is wonderful to hear that you can influence the elements. Now that you know where that energy is coming from, you can try to hone it and sharpen it so that you can summon it as you need. Yes, for most of us, it takes a lot of practice to harness our energy and direct it where we need it to move into.

One of the best ways to strengthen our mind is to learn meditation. When we hear the word meditation, we think of old people somewhere in the Himalayas changint OHMMMMMM. That’s not quite so. Although a place like the Himalayas is conducive to harness the powers within the surroundings and within us, we can learn to do the same from the privacy of our home too.

To learn meditation, you may need to find someone who is willing to teach you. You may also try the various meditation techniques which are present in internet websites such as YouTube where a search for the word “meditation” results in over 35,000 pages.

You may have to try a few of the methods on the Internet or find a meditation expert in a Yoga class or other instructional centers. Meditation allows us to control our mind and emotions. The stronger our mind is, the better we can control our random thoughts when we work on something in which we need to be very focused.

Controlling the elements are not easy because they can gather much more energy that we can. However, with a strong will, focused mind and a lot of determination, you can certainly gain more control over any natural phenomena.

Brightest Blessings.

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