How can I get 6 figured amounts, money, new car, peaceful house and great business to my name?

Good night to you rose and thank you for time !!! I have question. My husband lost his job of 2 years and he cannot pay our rent and bills.he was very. nervous and isn’t love in our life even for one day . I have not good feel about my husband.he is a. Best socr coch We have got two kids (23 and 16) How can I become rich? We want money to do whatever I want with in life. I dream of 6 figured amounts of money , new beautiful car ,a peaceful house,a great business to my name in realty and great job of my husband very soon Thank you and have a nice day !

Merry Meet Seeker,
I am so sorry to hear that your husband lost his job of 2 years and that there is discord in your home. I know it can be very difficult when we have less money or none of it. However, remember that only about 5% of humans are really rich in the world of almost 7 BILLION people.
It all starts with boundless love on the part of each of us in the family. When only one person works to bring a salary, it is always tough to have everything we need. If you go to work, it may easen your worries. When we withdraw love from someone who loves us, we lose a lot more than love. Love is what keeps a family together and usually it is the mother who is responsible for everything else at home. When the dad works or tries hard to get a good job (at times looking for a job is a BIG JOB too :)
So the first step for any family that has lost its main income is to find jobs for everyone in the family. The teenagers can find a job or have a paper route and many other ways to make money. The little kids can make lemonade on weekends and make money. As for you, if you go to your favorite stores and talk to the people there about a job, you may get one easily.
Yes, there are many spells to help you out in this situation. However, most of the time, things happen only when the Universe is absolutely sure that you deserve a wonderful life. When we are having trouble getting a good salary, the best way to invite prosperity into our life is not with a long list of fantasic desires. Starting small and slowly going up may work better when it comes to Nature.
Every morning, get up, take a good bath and light some incense and visualize your husband and you getting good, decent jobs and go on from there to make your life the best it can be. However, you may need to do some good deeds so that the Universe observes your good work and wants to help you.
Always be kind, loving and caring to everyone you meet and you will be amazed at how things change in our life.
Brightest Blessings

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