How can I get a Books of Shadows?

i do not have a book of shadows and i realy wount one but i cant get one so please can u help.

When you first get started in the Craft, it isn’t all that important to have your own Book of Shadows, but you can develop one as you study.

To save money, many of the Wiccans and pagans I know keep their spells in a binder or even a spiral notebook. Most of them have found a blank book, like a journal, from the local bookstore and use that.

The book itself, that you use for your book of shadows, isn’t important. In fact, some of the very pretty hand bound books with all natural papers are simply impractical. This book will become your book of knowledge, so you need something sturdy and soemthing you don’t mind exposing to the elements. After all, most of practice outside at least some of the time.

Once you find a book that you are comfortable with, talk to your coven about what types of protective magicks you will need to place on it. Normally, a person would place fairly simple protections on their book of shadows to keep out people who would try to use it for evil, but that, like most things, varies person to person and coven to coven.

The other good thing about using a blank journal for your book of shadows is that someone who doesn’t know what they are looking for won’t be able to find it easily. this comes in handy with friends who don’t know or understand about your religion and snooopy visitors.

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  1. Ummm hi my names Crow and umm I was wondering how can I get better and better at witchcraft.I really like,belive in it,trust in it in all.In i really wanna do it.ive been practicing in mostly just a little havent accomplished help me please.if you do my number is 901-644-4567.if theres anyone out there who knows a spell for vampires or werewolfs.please give me a call.thanks for all your help.

  2. Kody says:

    I have some advice. Before you can manipulate energy around you, you must learn to control your own energy flow. It is essential, and though I am a beginner as well I know that the ability to control one’s energy is essential to the Craft as well as my particular choice of lifestyle.

  3. louise says:

    hi there my name is louise i am 13 years old 14 soon and i have been studding witch craft for some time now and my mum know that i do my gran talkes me to classes i have a note book of shadows but i dont know the right things to put in it i belive in witches and every thing people thank are,nt reall if were her then there her thats what i say i also thing there is difernt dorms can you hel me with witch craft by telling me what books and what thing we need

  4. hello.i am jamyang selden from bhutan.i am 10 and going to be 11 soon.i am really interested in witchcraft,but the spells i try doesn’t work for me.i tried several times but it doesnt work.i really want to learn some spells so plz can you teach me some Rose Araidne?plz?

  5. well if anyone knows about flying a broomstick or turning invisible plz email me at [email protected]

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