How can I get a partner?

Hi how are you. I have been looking for an answer to this most of my life yes I am a Teenager 17. And I have been trying to find my SoulMate, I never had a real boyfriend only friends and when I feel like taken it to the next level I find out the boy doesnt realy like me. I dont think im ugly I always look nice, smell good, keep my hair/Nails done, I just dont understand. My Mother told me when she was growing up she couldnt Love either she said she had the same problems. Shes 40 years old now and she still doesnt have a partner. All of my friends have boyfriends eccept me:( Can you please try to help me or give me some advice, Thank you for your time

Merry Meet Seeker,
You come across as an intelligent and very considerate teenager. At 17, you should not place too much emphasis on a boyfriend. The teenage years are for studying to become who you want to become and enjoying life with friends (girls and boys). The emphasis on having a boyfriends in your teens has become a problem for many teenagers who begin to believe that without a boyfriend, they are not worth it.
You know that you are reasonably good looking, smell good, keep yourself together well and know that you are worth it. However, you seem unhappy because you don’t have a boyfriend. Boys at that age are just knowing where they are in life since boys mature more slowly than girls. So the boys that are around your age will not be as mature are you or your girl friends.
Also, do not think that your life will follow your mother’s patterns. Life is very distinct for each individual and you can always make changes to your life by making the right decisions. At this point in life, you need to only focus on your studies, get into a good college and enjoy your life as it comes to you. Do not worry about boyfriends, but visualize a handsome young man who will be your partner for life who will come into your life. Know that you will not be alone and that your mother too can have a partner if only she believes in herself.
All of us can get whatever we want by just changing our negative thoughts to positive ones. Just becauses one relationship does not work, do not think that your life is doomed. The ones who succeed in life are not the smartest, they are the ones who do not give up easily. So don’t worry about your mother’s life. You have a long and happy life ahead of you. Focus on that.
Brightest Blessings.

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