How can I get better at Witchcraft?

Hi my name is Ashley and I’m eleven my qestion is how can you ask a spirt to help you get a wand I read that in one of your answer and I didn’t understand it and my second question is can u make up spells by your self my final question is how can u meet other witches at my school I really want someone 2 talk 2 thanks 4 reading bye

Merry Meet Ashley,
It is wonderful to hear from an eleven year old girl who is eager to learn all about witchcraft. I can see that you are very smart because you do have some good questions here. I will try to answer them one by one.
Although we see no one around when we look around us, there may be many spirits in our vicinity. Sometimes they show up in photographs are white orbs. The happier we are, the bigger the orbs will be. So you may look at some of your photographs to see if there were spirits near you. The best time to take photos to see orbs are early in the morning or at twilight when the sun is goind down.
Of course you can request your favorite spirit to help you get a wand. One of the easiest ways to get a wand is to make one yourself. You can find many tree limbs that have fallen from trees. Remember to thank the tree for sharing its limbs with you. You may need to ask an adult for help. You can make small wand with tree limbs that may be in your backyard. If you just stand under an oak tree and wish for a wand, you may just get it asap!
The answer to your question about making up spells is YES, indeed! Our imagination is limitless for a reason. The Universe has give us full power to imagine anything we wish for. You can make us spells and create your own life without the help of anyone else. Be sincere in what you want and always remember to help others (and not just yourself) and create joy everywhere you go. Be happy and make the world happy too.
If you have friends who are witches, it will be good if you can all meet somewhere outside of the school. Otherwise you may be able to find other witches by looking on facebook or sending an email to your friends. If none of the above is possible, go to the website: and search on it for witches in your area.
Brightest Blessings.

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  1. lorilei says:

    hey i tried to go on the website listed to find other witches in my area and it didn’t work. Any suggestions?

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