How can I get even with the person who stole my husband’s phone?

hello there, i just wanna ask how can i cast a spell to someone who stole my husband’s phone right inside our house, it really pained us because we lost all contacts stored in that phone…i don’t have worst intention over that person, i just him to regret or feel sorry for doing that to us because we are nice towards him, i wanna do something to his fingers so that he’ll realize that he shouldn’t have done that to us. please help, i can’t sleep at night thinking that in just one blink the phone is gone.

I can completely sympathize with your desire for the culprit to get his just desserts, but there is not an appropriate response as far as a spell goes.  As you well know, whatever you do comes back to you three times over, so the idea of wishing someone bad, no matter how much they deserve it is complete contradictory to our belief system.

Now, that isn’t to say you shouldn’t take whatever legal action you can to assure that this man is punished for his crime.

Report the phone stolen to both the police and your phone company. Make sure that the police contact the local pawn shops and give them the information needed to find your phone is someone tries to pawn it.

If you know who is responsible, tell the police about your suspicions. In short, do the temporal things that are needed to retrieve your husband’s phone. But wishing for, or attempting to cause bad things to happen to the person who stole it, will only backfire and lead to bad consequences for you.

Instead, you might consider casting a spell requesting that friends contact you. This may be one way to start replacing the information lost in the phone and a good excuse to catch up with old friends. as hard as it is in these situations, we are better off wishing the culprit well and letting the universe take its own vengance.

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