How can I get my boyfriend back?

I want to know how to get my boyfriend back in love with me I paid my friend money to get him back and he end of hating me we were suppose to have gotten married last year I know how to do some work

Merry Meet Seeker,
One of the major rules of Witchcraft is that we should never force people to do “our” will. I know it is very hard when a boyfriend you love ends up hating you. As you can see, the first time you tried to change “his”mind, you got to experience the results of Wicca’s “three fold rule”. When something like this happens, it may take a very long time for you to get that person back.
I hope you understand the rule of Wicca. Many people ask on this forum for advice on how to bring their boyfriend back. The only way you can bring someone back into your life is to behave in such a way that he falls in love with you all over again. Forcing a person to love you will never work. Unfortunately, working on such spells, paying unscrupulous people to do harmful spells, etc will take your boyfriend farther away from you.
The best way to get your boyfriend back is to apologize profusely and indicate to him through your words and actions that you will leave him alone and that you will always love him regardless of where he is in life. Undying love can sometimes bring the person back; however, forcing it will not only not work, but it can destroy the relationship.
Now that you know the basic rules of witchcraft, do a spell to find love and make sure that you are not thinking of any particular person in your life. Love will come your way if you remain simple and honest.
Brightest Blessings.

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