How can I get my daughter on track?

My 14 year old daughter is going of the rails. Last week she was pick up by the police, and i had to go and collect her from the police station at 1.30am, when she was meant to be at her friends house. she gave me nor the police any respect. told them they can’t make her do anything? she keeps telling me she hates me and does not want to live with me. She has had nothing to do with her father for 7 years, as he does not want anything to do with her. Help!!! how can i get her back on track and respect people and things in life.

Merry Meet Mother, As a mother myself, I can understand the worries and sleepless nights that you may be going through as a result of your daughter’s rebellious attitude. Many teenagers behave this way, but getting on the wrong side of the law is indeed not a good idea. As a mother, we want to save her from all this pain and take her into our arms, but as a teenager, she is probably not willing to come to you in peace. So we wait and worry and save her from trouble every time. One of the effective ways to talk to your daughter is to sit down with her when she is in a good mood and talk to her about her childhood. She may have been very happy at a certain age and talking about the fun things at that age would be a good start to a long conversation. You may also take her to a movie or a theme park for a day and find time to talk to her in a setting that she is comfortable with. You may start by asking her about why she is so upset now-a-days. Never bring up the police or anything negative. As she begins to talk, mention your worries about her father. Talk to her about your life when all of you were together and happy. Children usually respond to earlier times when life seemed so perfect. As they grow up and hormones take over, the years between 10-17 are pretty difficult for us mothers. Of course most of teenage time is devastating for children too. It is a time when rebellion takes over and they don’t see us as guides or friends any more. They are happy one minute and frustrated the next as hormones surge up and down. By not judging her or scolding her, you allow her to open up and start talking about her frustrations. If she can trust you, she will shape up soon. Always keep your patience regardless of what they say. This child will soon realize that it is time to take care of herself. Until then, you have to be the most patient human being in this world. Our blood pressure may go up and we may get sick., but we have to help this child through these tumoultous years. It is that word we gave the Universe when we yearned for a child. Here is a spell you can do to help her through this time: Nutmeg Wish Spell Get a candle; any color you have in the home is good. You will also need a tiny piece of paper, a pen and a whole nutmeg. Sit down in a private space and visualize your daughter as an adult. You may imagine her with family, a loving husband and her children that you dote on. Now dress the candle and light it. In the light of the candle, write down your wishes for her on the paper. Carefully hollow out the nugmeg leaving the shell more or less intact. When you have enough space, roll the paper and slip it inside the nutmeg. Seal it with some of the melted wax Murmur your desires over the nutmeg and bury it in the Earth. Your wishes will soon grow to fruition. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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