How can I get my dignity back

dear rose about 11years ago i was going threw a very bad time in my life i left my dear husband and 2 children i was gone for 2 years i missed them terribly and did not know how to get back home i was very confused i felt something holding me back the divorce became finale and he met a women who convinced him that she move in the house i had all of my belongings in the home from the years we been together the pictures of the children ect there was a nightstand that i kept all my personal magic stuff books on good and bad magic i had a scying mirror crystal ball crystals u name it they represented me i never was unable to get back into the house to retrieve my stuff they are married now and she has such a hol on him hes different i feel she did something to me how do i fix what was done my daughter overheard them talking and he was saying to her your the one that did that name thing remember my daughter didnt know what they meant but i did please help me get my dignity back thankyou janet

Merry Meet Janet,
It is indeed very unfortunate that you had to leave your family under difficult circumstances. However, it has been a while since you left your home. It sounds like you have you dignity back already. your children may become adults soon and they will always love you as their mother. As for your ex-husband and his current wife, it is best to forget and forgive so that you can move on in life.
I can understand how you wish to have your magickal items back. However, you may ask the Universe to get them back to you somehow without bothering them. If, after a few months, they are still not yours, why not get some more instead of worrying your heart out. There are many stores in most cities which will help us to get the items and tools we need. On ebay you may be able to get them cheap too. Remember to cleanse them, charge and consecrate them before use.
Nothing in this world is “ours” to keep. We come into this world without anything or anybody accompanying us and leave the same way. What possessions we have are with us only for a short time. That is why some parts of the world are now in deep trouble. As in USA, people are more worried about their looks and latest fashions while they forget to check if they can even afford anything anymore.
You have your wonderful, kind and magickal soul with you and you don’t really need anything. Nature provides us with everything we need. If you have a job and have enough money, it is best that you forget your ex and move on in your life so that your children also will learn from you how to be a strong individual.
Brightest Blessings Janet.

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