How can I get my ex-boyfriend back?

Hi Ms. Rose my name is Nesha, and i’m in a situation that no matter how hard or how long i try i just can’t get out of. I am still so much in love with my ex-boyfriend and i can’t control my actions. I always ask him to work it out but all he ever says is no. It’s gotten to the point where he doesn’t want to talk to me or see me. I am pushing him further and further away because i love him. He is so frustrated with me that he says all these hurtful things like i have one more time and he’s out of my life for good, or i’m a fool because i’m in love with a man who doesn’t love me. He tells me he will always love me and he can’t predict the future but he is not focused on us at the present time. It hurts so bad being on the end that is willing to try and he doesn’t seem phased at all, and with valentine’s day fastly approching i know I’m not going to get him back in time by doing what i have been doing. I need help. I have tried everything. I believe he loves me but being that he is not ready for a relationship and i am is really taking a toll on our relationship. Is there anything you can do for me?

Merry Meet Nesha, You have condensed your own dilemma in one sentence “I’m a fool because I’m in love with a man who doesn’t love me.” Just think of that sentence and what it means to you. All of us fall in love – a lot. Yes, there are as many as five soul mates(or more) just waiting for us to stroll into their lives. But you need to let go of something that doesn’t work and open up your heart and mind to something that will work wonders for your self-esteem. You are a wonderful human being and you deserve much better than this. This person with whom you think you are still in love with, is giving you another chance because he probably wishes to leave in a friendly manner. You have also mentioned that he is in a relationship and your behavior is taking a toll on it. This means that he is getting more and more frustrated with you. One way to think about it is that if you REALLY loved him, you would want him to be happy at all costs. This means that you will allow him to choose his path in life and not try to control him in any way. Are you really in love with him or in love with “yourself”? The best way to a man’s heart is to prove that we are worthy of their respect and love. If you cannot control your actions, certainly, he will not be one to admire you. He has not let you go completely because he still has some respect for you. Isn’t it better to follow your path and become someone he admires and one whom he may even want to court in a few years, may be? So allow him to decide for himself and stay out of his life for a while. If he comes back, you have a choice. If he doesn’t, then be smart enough to understand that anyone who drops out of your life may do it again. If you really value yourself and have some integrity, you know that it is time to love yourself for a change and stand up for your hopes and dreams. Please don’t try any spell to bring him back because you are acting against his will. This may just make your love life even more miserable. So accept his choices and start thinking about what choices you have in front of you. Hope this helps you deal with the current situation is a peaceful, joyful manner and that you both remain good friends. Brightest Blessings.

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  1. rechil says:

    hi nesha,
    we exactly had the same experienced i am deeply in love with my ex and it took me 9mos, valley of tears, and a lot of spell just to win him back but you know what nesha my friend it didn’n work at all and i truly understand how desperate you are because i’ve felt the same but what helps me then is the spell to forget him and learning to accept that iam out of his life and that i must let him go…nesh just try to accept that someday if you are really meant for he will come back, for now try very hard to stop communicating with him and spend your tym out of his memories…pray and have faith that you can really make it through..

  2. james says:

    admire your answers rose.. its awesome how you are very realistic with the practice of magick with everyday life problems! trust me there are alot of people out there that are willing to rob people out of their hard earned cash giving them false hope with the use of magick.. true magick comes from within a pure heart!

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