How can I get my ex-boyfriend back?

Hello! I’m Joy, 20 years old from Philippines,I would like to ask if you can help me bring back my ex boyfriend to me..? I love him so much that I can’t even move on.. When I’m getting ok it always comes back to me and i would feel alone and i would miss him so much.. I real, really love him.. Our relationship is a long distance type, and I am waiting for him to come back, I did everything to preserve our relationship that’s why I’m very persistent in waiting.. I hope you can help me bring back my ex boyfriend because I love him so much and I could not see myself with other men.. Even his family wished that we’ll be together in the end.. Please help me.. I’m so desperate right now.. :’(

I am glad you asked this question. When someone is hurting for love, nothing else can soothe them but the sight of their loved one. There may be many reasons why your ex decided to leave. However, we must never do anything against his will. That type of activity or intention will only hurt us even more (three times as much!) It is good to hear from you, Joy. So let us do a spell where you can call his spirit again and again. He will hear it and he will know, but it will be up to him to decide whether to come back to you or not. This is called the Oshun Water Shrine Spell. Oshun is the Goddess of love, wealth, beauty and intimacy. Step 1: In your bathroom, make a shrine for Oshun. You can decorate Her altar with shells, candles, mermaids, hand mirrors, coconuts, pebbles, etc. Step 2: Offer the Goddess spring water and honey. Also light white or orange candles for her if you please. Step 3: Prepare a bath. Into a bucket, add five cinnamon sticks, five different types of perfume oils, any yellow or orange flowers you can find and some warm spring water. Step 4: Get a photo of your ex-boyfriend and write his name, his mother’s name and his birthday on the back of the photo. Place the photo on the altar and make sure that you can see it from where you sit in the bath. Step 5: Remove your clothes and coat your body with honey. Carefully stand in the tub and slowly pour the contents of the bucket over you. Sit down and relax reliving the days when you were so happy. Communicate with him spiritually and tell him all abut your yearnings. Imagine him being near you and concentrate on your desires, happiness and pleasure. Step 6. Compete the bath and snuff out the candles. Repeat daily as necessary.

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  1. Sharon says:

    Hello Rose
    I dont have a question but wanted to say how lovely your tennis/grandfather story was. It has brightened my day and given me a lovely warm feeling inside. Thank you.x

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