How can I get my family to do stuff for me?

hi i need a spell that i can put on my family.they r nice people but they aren’t understanding my needs.I’m not going to hurt them but i need a spell that will make them agree with me and do stuff for me that i ask them to like drive me around whenever i want them to(they don’t do that now).i need a spell that wont hurt them in anyways and they’ll be normal but just do things and agree with me when i ask them to-the rest of the time they should be normal.NOTE:i don’t want them to forget anything and want them to be normal but agree with me and do stuff for me.can you also give me the spell that will make them act like my friend’s parents and main point they should act like they did before and not forget things like where they work,what they do,and all the people they’ve met before.

Greetings! As I understand it, you want your family to obey your commands and you want to work a spell to that effect without their knowledge. As a young person, you may not be aware of the three-fold law that governs magick. When you put forth negative energy that affects others without their knowledge, you get bad karma. That means if you work a spell on your family, you will get three times as much bad luck when you absolutely need it. It is really worth it? For example, your spell may be able to get your mother to drive you around to some place, but when you go to school the next day, you will fail a test. That could happen if you work any evil spells. Evil or negative spells are those which are motivated by selfish reasons. In this case, the selfish reason is that you’d rather cast a spell on your family when you could easily talk to them and get the problem resolved. In most families, the parents are so busy that they are not looking for more work. However, the children have so much energy that they want to go to parties and gatherings and want their parents to do that work for them too. Usually, we can get nothing for free in life. We have to give them something that they need. This is a big lesson. So think of what you could do to help your mother (or any one who can drive you where you want to go) and make them understand that you will help them even more in return for one trip to wherever you need to go. You can help your mother do the laundry, wash dishes, clean the house, take care of the children, etc or do babysitting jobs and other jobs, and pay your mother for every trip (say that you are paying for the fuel). Cut up some paper and make coupons. On each of them, say “I will do this for one trip” and hand it over to your mother. If they accept it, do the chore and the ride is yours! See how we can get things done without resorting to negativity. This way, you will learn to do chores and your mother will be happy to get out of the house for a few minutes.. MAYBE? Hope this helps!

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