How can I get my girlfriend back?

my grilfriend cindy flores has left me for her ex-husband and they plan to wed in dec can you help get us backtogether please:^(

Merry Meet Seeker, I am sure you are extremely frustrated, angry and upset about this turn of events in your life. It is always sad when someone we love leaves us. We wonder what we did wrong and why she went back to this person. However, if you look through the trail of events, you will find that the Universe did exactly as it has always done. In Wicca, we have the three-fold rule where we get three times the returns for every action we undertake. When we love others unconditionally, we will get three-fold returns. However, if our actions hurt others in any way, we will get hurt much more. Unfortunately, in this situation, it seems that her ex-husband and she wanted to get back together. Although I am not sure what occurred before they split up, it is possible that you are just experiencing the effects of the three-fold return. It is never a good idea to get involved with someone who is wholly or partially in love with someone else. If we try to interfere or expect that person to come to us and try to attract them, we are hurting the other person who is involved in this situation. Anytime we hurt another knowingly or unknowingly, the Universe (which is always watching us, btw) dispenses appropriate returns. What you may need to do is to find love somewhere else. There are millions (or billions?) of people in need of love. The best way to find love is to work at a shelter (human or animal). When you give unconditional love to the Universe, you reap the rewards for yourself. If Cindy returns to you without you doing anything about it, that may be a signal from the Universe. Enjoy the relationship. However, I caution you to not do anything else to attract this ex-girlfriend. Instead, give love unconditionally and wait for love to find YOU. Brightest Blesssings. Rose.

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