How can I get my girlfriend back?

Hi.. I%u2019m vivek from India.. I facing some problem from my girlfriend.. She is try to ditching(cheating) me. But I want to marry that girl. Plz do some this for me. I want back in my life..

Greetings Vivek. I know it is very hard to fathom why people would leave us. We feel dejected, lonely and sometimes angry. However, it is good to understand the Love is an emotion that cannot be forced. We fall in love with people who we may have known in our previous lives. Note that I said “people” not “person” or individual. This means that there are many people who will come into your life with the intent of sharing love with you. So be patient and keep your eyes and ears open wide. If your girlfriend is not interested in you, she may cheat or try to make you leave her. This may be a good time to think of your priorities such as getting a good job, a house to stay in, etc. Love will enter and leave our lives so long as we are conscious of it. Love has no restrictions. We can love a person, pets or even have a passion for hobbies. Vivek, it is always best not to force anyone to come back into your life. It never works when you force once person to come back into your life. For one, this is bad karma and you will hear back from life sooner or later. To guarantee that you will have a wonderful life, wish the best even for those you consider to be your enemies!! a truly amazing way to live, isn’t it? So wish well for your ex-girlfriend and let her go along her own journey and find the happiness she is looking for. That is the essence of true love! Haven’t you heard of the wise saying “It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all”. I do consider loving people a win rather than a loss, of course! :) As for you, every good thought we give to others, we get much more in return. So I have no doubt that you will find love in our life and meet many more soulmates on your amazing journey of life. Brightest Blessings.

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  1. mayank says:

    my condition is same,but i dnt want to loose her.i love her alot n cant live without her.

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