How can I get my husband back?

My 24 year marriage ended in 2001 when it was discovered that my husband was leading a double life…the details could make a “best seller”…he remarried 2 years ago but she is a serious alcoholic…and very controlling. I am still in love with him (we have 5 sons)…is it ever possible to change what has happened and have him back?

Its truly sad that you were married for 24 years and then discovered that your husband was cheating on you. Now that you have some time to think about the experiences that you had in this marriage, it would also be a good time to re-evaluate what a good marriage means to you. A marriage is a union of two loving souls who give each other the promise that they will love, cherish and take care of each other forever. Your husband did not hold his end of the deal and cheated on you. Falling out of love is not an evil thing, but hurting or cheating is. your five sons are watching and learning from you and how you are dealing with this deceitful behavior. If you husband really begs you to forgive him and take him back, it is really up to you to do it and continue on this marriage. However, you have to stand up for yourself and set up some rules so that this will never happen again. Here is a spell you can do to invite love into your life! Gather some dried Eucalyptus leaves and dried rose petals. Find a rose quartz crystal in the form of beads or jewellery Get a pouch or a small cloth and a piece of yarn to tie it with. A pink candle for peace and reconciliation Relax in a nice, warm, aromatic bath for some time. Think of why this has happened and what you can do to avoid this from happening again. Sit in a quitet space for sometime. Light the candle and remember the times when you both were in love and happy. Imagine this scene happening again. Think of the happiness that we experience when someone loves us unconditionally. Now take the Eucalyptus leaves, rose petals and rose quartz together and hold them in your palms. Chant: Eucalyptus that heals, Remove the pain from my heart Love filled Rose petals, Bring me my lover back! If the rose quartz is in the form of jewelry, wear it. Put the rest of the items (and the rose quartz beads if any) into the pouch. Tie it tight and carry it with you at all times until selfless love enters your life again! Brightest Blessings!

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