How can I get my husband back?

I am still legally married to my husband and expecting our third child in june. He left me last february and we have never stopped being together even after he moved in with another girl. I love this man with all my heart we were both young, and virgins when we met and we will be married this April makes 10 yrs. Please all I want is for Shaun to come home to me and our children all of ours. We have 2 daughters one is 9 the other is 3 and of course the baby which I have not found out the sex of. I wish I could just help him have a change of heart and want to not get divorced, the other woman is still in his life but due to my pregnancy they are no longer together he moved back with his parents, but they still talk and he tells me that i am not what he needs or wants, I am soo heart broken and devastated, all I want is for he and I to be in love again.

It is really sad that you are taking care of two young children while your husband is wondering whether he is into this marriage or not. This is really heartbreaking. If you know that your husband is a good person and if you can trust him again, it is good to see if he is over his “questioning” phase and ready to take on a family like a man. You have to realize that you are a strong woman and that you can raise your children with pride and joy even without a man by your side. Only when we realize our strengths are we ready to share our life with another person. We don’t need anyone to “complete” us. We need someone to share our “already complete” life, right? So take some classes if you can, or learn something through the internet and try to find a job that you can go to once you have the baby. When your husband sees how strong you are and how independent you are, he will hopefully get a new perspective on your life together and return for a lasting relationship. While you are waiting for that baby, try this spell: Obtain an unwashed piece of your husband’s clothing, maybe an underwear. Wear it inside your own underwear for seven days. Do not launder either your underwear or his item during that time. On the eighth day, tie your underwear together with his using a red silk ribbon. Place this bundle in a jar and cover with powdered confectioner’s sugar, spikenard, damiana, licorice root, sweet flag and vetiver. Seal and shut it. Hide it where no one will find it. This should work for you and bring your husband back into your life. And then you can decide whether he is worth it or not. Brightest Blessings.

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