How can I get my man back?

the total love of my life has gone back to his wife , i want him back. i no the reson he has gone back is for his childs sake and i no he loves me with all his heart i jut want a chance for us both to make it work together

It is indeed a sad situation here. This person whom you love, came into your life after leaving his wife and child and has now returned to them. One of the reasons why practitioners of Wicca do not hurt people intentionally or unintentionally is that we will certainly hear from the Universe sooner or later. You have just heard from the Universe and the message you need to hear is this: When we do anything, anything at all, we have to think of its consequences. One of the reasons why falling in love can be precarious is that we may fall in love with someone who is in a very complicated relationship. She or he may be so caught up in all the drama that it may be difficult to think straight at that time. Later, when the dust has settled, they realize what is more important in the long run. In this case, your lover believes that the child is too young to be left alone without a father and is in need of his guidance and help. If you really love this person, you can patiently wait for the child to grow up. If you are a strong individual and can live alone for that long a time, you may have a chance to get him back again. If, on the other hand, if you force the issue and make your lover leave his child and come back to you (for your pleasure), you will have a difficult time finding happiness. We reap what we sow. Sometimes we reap three times as much as we sow. So we have to be very careful what we sow. Hope you have the patience to wait for him and may the Universe shower you with blessings for your kind hearted gestures! Brightest Blessings.

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